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Walter Reed Fellowships

NIH Personnel Rotating to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC)

NIH Personnel and/or Program Coordinators who wish to have their staff participate in fellowships/rotations at the WRNMMC must ensure the following prerequisites are met:

1. NIH Administrative Officer will need to upgrade the Position Sensitivity Level in NED to Tier 3 (T3) , non-Critical, Sensitive. The NED justification will need to state "Access to WRNMMC". This will ensure DPSAC initiates a T3 investigation which is required for the rotation.

2. Individual's GME Sponsor must coordinate with the WRNMMC Sponsors, providing the NIH Clinical Rotator's Name and Start Date at least 3 months prior to the date the WRNMMC Access is needed.

3. Clinical Rotator must complete Part I (blocks 1-12) or "DD-2875 - System Authorization Access Request Form (SAAR)" electronically, and Section I & II of the "Trusted Associate Sponsorship System (TASS) Registration Request (TRR)." These forms must be submitted to the WRNMMC GME Sponsor.

  • Always select: "The applicant requires access to both DOD facility and logon access to DOD Network"
  • Network Name: JMED
  • Personnel Category: U.S. Citizens = Non DOD Civil Service.
    Foreign Nationals = Foreign Affiliate

4. Clinical Rotator must complete the WRNMMC Prospective Employee Profile Sheet and submit to DPSAC ( 2 months prior to start of clinical rotation at WRNMMC. 

5. DPSAC office will submit a WRNMMC Prospective Employee Profile sheet to WRNMMC Personnel Security Office along with an Investigation Verification Letter. ​

Documents for WRNMMC Access:

Points of Contacts (POCs) in WRNMMC GME or PSO Office Trusted Agents (TA):

Please feel free to contact the following POCs for any further questions.


Seven (7) days prior to starting at WRNMMC, Clinical Rotators must complete the HIPAA and WRNMMC Cyber Security Training located at

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