For Applicants & Employees​ - DPSAC Process Overview​

Employment Eligibility Verification for Foreign Nationals

Prior to DPSAC Processing, all non-immigrant foreign nationals must first have their U.S. employment eligibility authorization validated by the NIH Division of International Services (DIS). If you are a non-immigrant foreign national, please be sure to read this section.

DPSAC prescreening does not begin until both the AO completes badge sponsorship and, if applicable, DIS completes validation for the foreign national.​ DIS does not process Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR). 

The non-Immigrant Foreign National record will route to DIS automatically for validation once the FN badge/account is sponsored by the AO. Your job as a candidate is to provide proof of citizenship to the AO to avoid errors that can cause significant delays downstream, including: 

  • Termination of a pending badge task and re-sponsorship  
  • Additional fingerprinting appointments  
  • Additional delays due to re-processing request   

You will be required to visit DIS with your U.S. employment authorization documentation. Once DIS completes validation favorably, your record will be routed to DPSAC for prescreening if your require access to NIH facilities and/or information systems.

Please note, DPSAC cannot complete prescreening on any candidate who do not possess a valid U.S. Social Security Number.

Please visit the DIS website for more information at:​