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All About eApp

Please note: The federal government is currently transitioning to using a new system called eApp for background investigations. eApp will replace the legacy eQIP system.

What is eApp?

The National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) eApplication (eApp) is a modern and more user-friendly platform that is replacing the Electronic Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (eQIP). This new platform is to be used by applicants to submit standard background investigative forms. eApp will allow better tracking of individual case status and will provide better information for vetting professionals, while allowing applicants and employees the ability to save their applications more easily. The improved user experience includes:

  • The SF86 investigation application legacy process is replaced with a smart, simple eApp platform guiding users through the application quickly.
  • Efficient and effective eApp features – enabling users to complete the application in less time than ever before – includes timeline validation, automatic address checks, real-time feedback, and section previews.
  • Real-time validation and help means less errors and less time required to get through the application process.
  • Individuals who are applying will only see questions relevant to them.

For more information, please read the NBIS eApp Transition Federal Investigations Notice 23-02 posted on the DCSA public website. 

You may watch DCSA’s 1-minute introductory video, highlighting various aspects of eApp and the differences between the two systems. You may also view DCSA’s 6-minute walkthrough video and this PDF explaining the transition from e-QIP to eApp. For more information on the NBIS eApp, visit DCSA's NBIS page.

Please also check out the tabs on the left to understand how to access eApp, the deadline of completion, and what to be aware of when filling out your eApp.