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About the Division of Personnel Security and Access Control

DPSAC's core mission is to ensure the NIH workforce is comprised of suitable federal employees, contractors and affiliates who do not pose a threat to the NIH workforce or mission. DPSAC is charged with prescreening employment applications, verifying personal identity, processing Background Investigation requests, authorizing facility access, issuing badges and conducting suitability adjudications for the NIH workforce.

All NIH employees, contractors and affiliates who require access to NIH facilities will be required to undergo the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) badging process, and will be subject to a background investigation to determine if they are suitable to occupy the position to which they are applying. The background investigation and credentialing process are designed to protect employees, facilities, and information, and safeguard the government resources that provide critical services to the American people.  

Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12

DPSAC processes are governed by many federal regulations, including Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12). HSPD-12 was enacted in 2004 and mandates a Common Identification Standard for Federal Employees, Affiliates and Contractors. In response to this mandate, all federal agencies have adopted a reliable, commonly accepted form of government identification known as the HHS ID Badge or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card to enhance security, increase government efficiency, reduce identity fraud and protect personal privacy. The HHS PIV Badge serves as the common government identification for all HHS agencies.  DPSAC is responsible for the continued implementation and maintenance of the HSPD-12 directive at NIH.  

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