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How to Submit Your eApp

eApp Digital Certification and Submission

Once you have completed the eApp questionnaire, the system will prompt you to certify your responses. Please utilize 'Click to Sign' to digitally sign your e-App submission. Once you are done signing, the eApp system will prompt you to submit your questionnaire to the agency. Please click the 'Submit your SF85' button. Once released, your questionnaire will be prescreened and sent to DPSAC's Case Review team to be reviewed for accuracy and completeness. You are not done; see next step below.

Complete & Submit Additional Document Requirements Attached to Your Email

Once have submitted your eApp, you need to also complete and submit the PDF forms attached to your email securely to This is required for your background investigation and/or badge. Ensure all forms are completed according to the instructions on the forms or they will be rejected which will delay the process. You may password protect the PDF and send to (remember to send the password in a separate email). 

You may also use encrypted email, fax (301-480-0108), or mail them to our office address listed below in the signature line. Current NIH employees and contractors can also send documents via encrypted email to their case manager, or through NIH secure email and file transfer:

  • Resume: Submit the Resume used during the application process for the position to
  • OF-306: Complete the attached OF-306 and submit to or fax to 301-480-0108. Ensure you complete ALL fields according to instruction or the form will be rejected. Federal new-hires will complete this form in the USA staffing system. (Please contact your HR specialist if you need assistance with USA Staffing as DPSAC does not manage this system.)