For Applicants & Employees - DPSAC Process Overview​
Suitability Criteria
Suitability Criteria

The Adjudication Team is required to carefully and fairly, without bias, examine the investigative results from Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA). These  investigative results come in the form ​of a Report of Investigation (ROI).

The Adjudication Team is responsible for analyzing​ the subject’s conduct and weighing all information, both favorable and unfavorable, compiled from a subject’s past and present. 
This approach takes the individual’s character and conduct into consideration.

1. Character Traits Required for Federal Employment include:

   a. Honesty

   b. Sound judgment

   c. Reliability

   d. Responsibility

   e. Ability to follow rules

2. Suitability Factors (5 CFR 731.202):

   a. Misconduct or negligence in employment

   b. Criminal or dishonest conduct

   c.  Material, intentional false statement, or deception or fraud in examination or
        appointment, (OPM)

   d. Refusal to furnish testimony as required by 5 CFR 5.4

   e. Alcohol abuse, without evidence of substantial rehabilitation, of a nature and duration that
       suggests that the applicant or appointee would be prevented from performing the duties
       of the position in question, or would constitute a direct threat to the property or safety of
       the applicant or appointee or others

   f.  Illegal use of narcotics, drugs, or other controlled substances without evidence of
       substantial rehabilitation

   g. Knowing and willful engagement in acts or activities designed to overthrow the U.S.
       Government by force

   h. Any statutory or regulatory bar which prevents the lawful employment of the person
        involved in the position in question.

3. Additional Suitability Considerations (5 CFR 731.202)

   a. Nature of the position

   b. Nature and seriousness of the conduct

   c. Circumstances surrounding the conduct

   d. Recency of the conduct

   e. Age at the time of the conduct

   f. Contributing societal conditions 

   g. Rehabilitation – the absence or presence of rehabilitation or efforts towards rehabilitation

   h. Additional considerations to take the whole person into account when making adjudicative

4. Nexus

The term "Nexus" refers to the connection that must exist between conduct and the responsibilities of the position. Failure to disclose or fully disclose complete and relevant information, intentional omission, misleading, concealment, falsification, untrustworthy conduct or unreliable behavior, breach of confidentiality, manipulation of rules and regulations, and/or any dishonest behavior that raises questions as to Subject's honesty, integrity and character. 

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