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Fingerprint Services

As mentioned under the DPSAC Process Overview, administrative sponsorship and, if applicable, employment eligibility verification for foreign nationals must be completed before DPSAC can begin the process. Afterwards, DPSAC can begin the process in the following order: (1) Prescreening, (2) Badge Enrollment, (3) Badge Authorization and (4) Adjudication​.

Note: Please review the FBI Privacy Act statement, which describes how applicant's fingerprints are used during the federal vetting process. Procedures for obtaining a change, correction or update of an FBI criminal history record are set forth at 28 CFR 16.34. Information regarding this process may be found here.

Summary of the Two Main Fingerprint Services We Offer:

Individuals are required to provide Crossmatch fingerprints in order to complete the DPSAC Prescreening process. Crossmatch fingerprints are used for the sole purpose of running a FBI criminal history check. 

Individuals located more than 50 miles from an NIH PIV Card Issuance Facility (PCIF) can utilize Fieldprint, a remote third party tool that DPSAC uses to capture Crossmatch fingerprints for Prescreening before getting cleared for Enrollment. You may find PCIFs located at the NIH Main Office Location in Building 31 and at Other DPSAC Locations (PCIFs).

Individuals are required to provide fingerprints when completing the Badge Enrollment Process, which are used and tied to their NIH PIV/RLA badge. Individuals must make an appointment for Badge Enrollment.

You may view the tabs on the left to further understand each of these fingerprint services in more detail.

Please also look at the chart below to understand these two different types of fingerprint services we offer, as these should not be confused with one another:​


The individual must bring two forms of valid government identification, one of which must contain a picture and both identifications must have your name matched, to their appointments. Visit FIPS 201-3 PDF​​ to view a complete list of approved identification documents.