For Administrators - Understanding DPSAC Services​

Troubleshooting Guide to Diagnose Problems with your PIV Card

1. Were you able to get onto campus and/or any buildings/rooms with your badge today? 

2. Were you able to log into your computer and/or any IT systems (e.g. NED) with your HHS ID Badge and PIN?

  • If YES, you badge should be working correctly. Please contact the NIH Access Control Helpdesk at (301) 451-4766 or with any concerns.
  • If NO, please proceed to question 3.

3. Did you try logging in with your HHS ID Badge on someone else’s computer?

  • If YES, please proceed to question 4.
  • If NO, please try logging in with your HHS ID Badge on another computer. Then proceed to question 4.

4. Were you able to successfully log in using someone else’s computer?