For Administrators - Understanding DPSAC Services​

Non-Working, Broken, or Lost Badges

Troubleshooting Guide to Diagnose Problems with Your Badge

1. Were you able to get onto campus and/or any buildings/rooms with your badge today? 

2. Were you able to log into your computer and/or any IT systems (e.g. NED) with your HHS ID Badge and PIN?

  • If YES, you badge should be working correctly. Please contact the NIH Access Control Helpdesk at (301) 451-4766 or with any concerns.
  • If NO, please proceed to question 3.

3. Did you try logging in with your HHS ID Badge on someone else’s computer?

  • If YES, please proceed to question 4.
  • If NO, please try logging in with your HHS ID Badge on another computer. Then proceed to question 4.

4. Were you able to successfully log in using someone else’s computer?

Broken Badges -- Start with Access Control

Badge holders working at the Bethesda campus or at nearby locations should bring their broken badge to one of the following DPSAC Badge Issuance Centers:

    To view contact information as well as hours of operation and badging services for all other locations, please visit our Contact page.  

    Helpful Tip: DPSAC has prepared a useful reference guide "ID Badge Re-Issuance Procedures" (PDF, 7 pages)  describing five circumstances requiring HHS ID Badge replacement (Lost or Stolen; Classification Changes; Renewal; Broken or Damaged; Name Changes) and the replacement process for each situation. ​

    Lost/Stolen ID Badges

    Report lost or stolen badges to Facility Access Control immediately at 301-451-4766. They will disable your badge so no one can use it. You must also contact your Administrative Officer (AO) who will need to report your badge as lost/stolen in the NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) to authorize a replacement ID badge. Also, if your ID Badge is broken, contact Facility Access Control at 301-451-4766. They can set up an appointment for you to receive a replacement badge.