Other Remote Processing Options

Remote PIV/RLA Services (Outside of the NIH PCIF Locations)

PIV/RLA Enrollment and Badge Issuance Services (Discontinued)

Remote enrollment and badge issuance services have been discontinued until further notice. 

PIN Resets and Certificate Renewals

PIN reset and certificate renewal services can still be obtained at PSC locations. 

Note: To request a PIN reset or certificate renewal at a PSC location, please send an email to with the following information: 

  • Does/will the customer ultimately work on or near an NIH campus (YES or NO)?
  • Customer's address / duty station
  • IC CAN (no charge will be assessed but PSC requires a CAN)
  • Service required (PIN reset or certificate renewal)
  • Customer's First Name
  • Customer's Last Name
  • Customer's NED/HHS ID Number
  • Customer's Email Address
  • Customer's Phone Number
  • NIH Institute
  • AO's Email Address and Phone Number