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Required Background Investigation Forms

In addition to completing your eApp, you may be required to complete one or more of the following forms as part of the background investigation process:

  • OF-306 Declaration for Federal Employment (new federal applicants must submit this form in the USA Staffing Onboarding Manager System)

    Note: Other employees and contractors may complete the OF-306 as part of their eApp attachments or they can come to the DPSAC main office in Building 31, Room 1B03 and complete the form on our new OF-306 Kiosk. This convenient workstation allows individuals to electronically complete and submit their required OF-306 form directly to DPSAC. The Kiosk is easy to use and contains built-in logic to help users avoid common errors when completing the form.

    DPSAC has published a Kiosk User Guide​ that includes general information about the Kiosk, who can use it, where the station is located and hours of operation. 

  • Resume
    • Federal Candidates: Submit resume used at time of application for Federal employment (i.e. or Human Resources). Submission of resume used during hiring is critical as it will ensure all employment criteria is included and avoid delays in processing.

      Non-Federal Candidates (ex: contractor or affiliate): Prior to submission, ensure resume is inclusive of the below criteria:

      • Employment Activities for the last two years are fully documented
      • Employment Type (i.e. Federal employee, federal contractor, non-government/private sector) is identified
      • Dates of Employment is clearly identified to include any gaps since previous employment
      • Employer Name is clearly identified to include department/agency and/or company.

Note: The HHS-745 Identification (ID) Badge Request Form is a legacy form that is no longer used by DPSAC. The NIH Enterprise Directory (NED) has replaced its function via the activate/register and sponsorship modules, so applicants can now use a secure online portal to submit their Personally Identifiable Information (PII). For any further questions, applicants can reach out to their respective AO or supervisor.