For Administrators - DPSAC Process Overview​

Adjudicator Reviews
Adjudicator Reviews

If required, a request for additional information is sent by Letter of Interrogatory (LOI) and/or email to the Subject to provide an opportunity to comment, explain or refute issues found by Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA)​, and provide documentation to be considered before a final adjudication determination is made.

  • An LOI has a 10-calendar-day turnaround; an adjudicator may grant or approve a 10-calendar-day extension if requested.
  • If a response is not received by the end of the 10-calendar​-day extension: the Supervisor will be notified; the Subject has 2 days to respond. If no response is forthcoming, the PIV ID card is deactivated.
  • Requirements for additional information requested by email are the same as for an LOI except that the turnaround period is 5 business days (instead of 10-calendar days), and a 5 business-day-extension may be granted (instead of 10-calendar days).
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