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Congratulations on your employment or fellowship here at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and for successful receiving your badge! Please read our Badge Maintenance Checklist and check out the tabs on the left to read up on important information on possessing a government PIV credential, tips on badge maintenance, and how to troubleshoot if issues arise.

If this is your first time receiving your NIH badge, you may need to contact NIT IT Support to help access your account to login to your computer for the first time. 

If you are renewing your badge or your certificates, you may need to contact NIT IT Support for assistance in re-publishing your certificates to access websites and encrypted email.

What Our Access Control & Badge Issuance Office Handles:

  • Provide authorized access to NIH facilities to personnel who have successfully completed the personal identity verification (PIV) process. 
    • Speak with your Supervisor or Administrative Officer (AO) for assistance with your building access needs. Your Supervisor or AO need to program your PIV card and get it to work with the card reader that controls access to your building or laboratory. NED Sponsorship must also be completed by an AO first
  • Print and issue ID badges.
  • Add and update LWS operators.
  • Reset Personal Identification Numbers (PINs). Your PIN is used to log onto your NIH computer. [Please look under 'PIN Resets' on the left to learn more about resetting your PIN at a 'Lifecycle Work Station (LWS)'.]
  • Renew PIV Card certificates. Your certificates are used to authorize logical access to multiple systems on the NIH network. [Please look under 'Renewing Digital Certificates & ID Badges' on the left to learn more.]​​ 

Badge Types DPSAC Does NOT Process:

PIV/RLA Badge Rules:

  • PIV/RLA badges are government property and must be always secured from unauthorized access.
  • NEVER share your PIV Badge or let others use it to access facilities/doors or information systems.
  • NEVER share your PIN. 
  • If you leave the NIH workforce, you must return your PIV/RLA card to your Administrative Officer (AO) or DPSAC, as it is government property. [Please look under 'Returning Your Badge When Leaving NIH' on the left to learn more.]

Contact Information, Hours and Locations:

​Your NIH ID Badge is the property of the U.S. Government.  Counterfeiting, altering, or misusing violates Section 499, title 18 of the U.S. Code which states: 

“Whoever falsely makes, forges, counterfeits, alters, or tampers with any naval, military, or official pass or permit, issued by or under the authority of the United States, or with intent to defraud uses or possesses any such pass or permit, or personates or falsely represents himself to be or not to be a person to whom such pass or permit has been duly issued, or willfully allows any other person to have or use any such pass or permit, issued for his use alone, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”​