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NIH Bicycle Program


Elimination of Bicycle Voucher Program 

The 2018 tax reform package referred to as the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" made significant changes to employee benefit programs by amending certain sections of the Internal Revenue Code, Section 132 (f). This Act eliminated the bicycle commuter benefit.

Effective January 1, 2018, the NIH no longer provides a bicycle commuter subsidy. Bicycle members currently enrolled in the program should consider applying for Transhare benefits or a NIH Parking Permit. You may apply online for these benefits by clicking on the CAPS image below. 

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 NIH Bike Program

The NIH is the nation’s premier medical facility and, as such, should be an example to the nation for healthier commuting and lifestyles. Bicycling is part of the culture here at the NIH. The NIH has won the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments’ award for the last five years for the employer with the most bike-to-work day participants. The NIH has as many as 600 commuters bicycling daily. Cycling has many personal benefits, including stress relief, physical fitness, weight loss, and commuter-expense savings. The benefit to the environment by bicycling can best be defined by the motto found on the jerseys of the NIH Bike Club members, which reads “Non-polluter Commuter.” 

Bicycle Repair Kits 

NIH Bicyclists can use repair kits located through the main campus at Parking Attendant stations. These kits are free to use, but we ask cyclists who use a portion of the repair kit, for instance a tube patch, to replace any materials used. Locations that have bicycle kits are marked with the sing in the image  below. 

 Picture of Campus Map