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Sitemap of NIH Shuttle Webpage NIH Campus (Red) Campus Limited (Purple) Building 10 Express (Grey) Building 10 After Hours Metro/B10 South Express (Light Green) Rockledge (Green) Fishers Lane (Blue) Real-Time NIH Shuttle Bus Arrival Click here for Other Shuttles  
Employee Shuttles
On Campus Shuttle Schedule  
NIH CampusNIH Campus Limited 
Building 10 ExpressBuilding 10 After Hours 
Metro/B10 South Express 
Off Campus Shuttle Schedule  
RockledgeFishers Lane 

Shuttle services are provided throughout the day on the NIH Campus for employees, patients, and visitors. Additional shuttle services are provided to the following locations: Rockledge, Fishers Lane, White Flint III, and Medical Center. Shuttle services are available Monday - Friday, except for Federal Holidays. Click on any tile above to view the Shuttle Schedule and Shuttle Route Map. Click on the sign for real-time arrival information.

Employee Shuttles

GPS-based arrival time Information:




Other Shuttle Information

Patient Shuttles

NIH offers Shuttles exclusively for patients and their visitors.  For more information please click on the image for routes and schedules.

 Patient Shuttle

NCI Operated Shuttles


 NCI Shady Grove Shuttle Services

Click on the links below for shuttle schedules: 

These shuttles are managed by NCI. Riders must display an NIH ID card to ride this shuttle. For more information, contact Gehmelle Johnson at 240-276-5542 or  email

General Information


 Safety Reminder

For your safety, drivers will only permit patrons to board or exit a shuttle bus at a designated shuttle stop. If a driver does not follow this contract requirement, disciplinary actions will be taken.


Picture of bicycle being loaded onto a shuttle.  

 Bike 'N Ride - NIH Shuttles

NIH Bicyclists can transport bicycles on all of the NIH shuttles. The shuttles are equipped with the same bike racks as the Metro buses. For instructions on how to use the bike racks visit WMATA.

Contact Information

Louise Davis
Program Manager
Telephone: (301) 496-9621

Sean Cullinane
Quality Assurance Specialist
Telephone: (301) 496-4998

NIH Shuttles Lost and Found

Employee Shuttles:  (301) 435-4010
Patient Shuttles:      (301) 496-1161
NIH Police:               (301)496-5685