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Apply, Recertify, Modify or Terminate your NIH Transhare Membership

ApplyRecertify, Change/Modify,or Terminate from the NIH Transhare Program

Using our web-based application, commonly called Commuting and Parking Services (CAPS), eligible NIH employees can apply to, recertify, change, or withdraw from the NIH Transhare Program at any time.

CAPS is a web-based system that captures all required applicant data, automatically cross-checks NIH Parking Permit records, properly captures employee certifications, commuting information, and costs. The Division of Amenities and Transportation Services highly recommends obtaining your own SmarTrip® card if applying entirely online to ensure a speedy and simpler process.

CAPS is supported in Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari. If you receive an error message when trying to log in, the security settings on your browser may be too high (strict). Please try lowering them temporarily until you are complete with your actions. Also, CAPS uses your NIH username and password, so if you have forgotten them, please visit IForgotMyPassword to reset it.

 Online Transhare Log-In

Applying for Transhare Benefits

Online Transhare Log-In 

Log into your CAPS account with your username and password, and choose to either "Enroll in Transhare" or if you know you are joining a Vanpool, select "Enroll in Vanpool." Note, if you do not qualify to participate in the Transhare program, after logging in, you will not see a button labeled "Enroll in Transhare or Vanpool." The following error message will be displayed:" Must be an employee, volunteer, fellow, not a restricted tenant."

Please ensure you know your desired method of mass transportation and your monthly commuting costs. Depending on the transit provider, you may have to calculate your monthly costs.

The NIH Transhare Program will conduct monthly audits on its Transhare Members. These audits will ensure participants are providing accurate commuting cost declarations and that they are using the benefits provided. The NIH Transhare Program reserves the right to modify any participant's monthly subsidy at any time. We will use the below method in determining commuters' monthly costs.

A good tool in assisting in calculating your monthly commuting costs is WMATA's Trip Planner.  This planner determines your door-to-door, one-way trip costs for the majority of the Washington, DC metro area. After determining your one-way costs, multiply by 2 to get your daily costs. Finally, multiply by your monthly total commuting days to work. The NIH Transhare program uses an average month of four (4) weeks with five (5) workdays in each week to determine monthly costs. Participants are encouraged to use this average as well. Remember to subtract any days you regularly telework.


​Work Schedule

​Typical Commuting Days

in a Month

8-hour days20​
AWS, 5/4/9​18​
AWS 4/10​16​


 Example: 8 hour work days

One-way costs: $3.20

Daily costs = $3.20 x 2 = $6.40

Monthly Commuting Costs = $6.40 x 20 days = $128

Follow the on-screen directions and fill out all of the required fields. After submitting your application for the NIH Transhare Program, you will receive two emails from "CAPS Admin." The first is a confirmation of your submittal and its pending status. The second email will either approve or deny your request. If approved, you will receive more information concerning your SmarTrip® card (if you did not provide one when first applying) and other pertinent instructions. If your application is denied, a reason will be provided in the email.

If you would prefer, you may choose to submit a paper application, with NIH Form 2705-1, Transhare Program Application in person to the NIH Parking Office to enroll in the program.

Annual Recertification/Renewal

As participants in the NIH Transhare Program, recertifications are conducted every year. To simplify the process, you are required to recertify in the program every year in the month listed below, according to the first letter of your last name. 

A - B - C​
​D - E - F - G​MARCH
​H - I - J - K - L​MAY
​M - N - O - P​JULY
​T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z​NOVEMBER




During your renewal month you will receive an email directing you to login to CAPS and renew. After login into the CAPS system, please choose the "Renew" button. If during the last year something has changed about your commute and your use of mass transportation, you should select the option to "Renew and Modify." This option allows you to both renew and modify your membership at the same time.

You will receive an email confirmation once your renewal or renewal and modificaon has been processed and approved.

If you prefer, you may choose to submit a paper application, NIH Form 2705-1, Transhare Program Application in person, via email, or by fax (301) 480-0854 to the NIH Parking Office to renew in the program.


If you need to change your commuting cost declaration, commuting mode, home address or SmarTrip® card number, etc., please login to CAPS and select the "Modify" button. There, you will be able to update any information concerning your NIH Transhare account.

You will receive an email confirmation of your submission to modify your account. Members will also receive an email confirmation after the modification has been approved by the NIH Parking Office.

Due to system limitations established by WMATA, requests to change/modify benefit accounts made after the 21st of the month will not be reflected on your next benefit auto-load, or the 1st of the following month. The change in your benefit account will take effect on the second 1st of the month. For example, if you requested an increase to your benefit account on August 22, your benefit will be increased beginning October 1.

If you prefer, you may choose to submit a paper application, NIH Form 2705-1, Transhare Program Application  in person, via email, or by fax (301) 480-0854 to the NIH Parking Office to renew in the program.


You may be removed from the Transhare Program at any time. After logging in to CAPS, just select "Terminate" to submit your termination request. During the termination process, you can choose to have your termination take effect the day of your process, or at a future date, such as in two weeks or a month from now.
You will receive an email confirmation of your termination request. Members will also receive an email confirmation after they have been removed from the program by the NIH Parking Office. When your removal is approved, your benefits (if you have any remaining) will be suspended and you will be removed from any future allocations. Please note that any personal funds you have on your SmarTrip® will remain and will be available for your use and you may keep your card.
Once removed, you may re-enroll in the NIH Transhare program at any time, or you are eligible to receive parking benefits.
If you would prefer, you may choose to submit a paper application, NIH Form 2705-5, Termination of Program Participation for termination in person, via email, or by fax (301) 480-0854 to the NIH Parking Office.