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NIH Transportation Guidance

​As you return to the physical workplace (RTPW), we want to ensure employees have a valid NIH Parking Permit and that NIH Transhare members either enroll or modify their transit benefits for their new work schedules. 


All employees are required to have a valid parking permit. If you did not renew or have not applied for a permit, you may apply for one on the Commuting and Parking Services (CAPS)   

Can't find your NIH Permit or it's lost? Submit Lost/Stolen form via email to to obtain a new permit.  

Transhare members with duty location of NIH Bethesda Campus or Rockledge I/II and need a 1-day parking permit.  You can conveniently print a temporary permit from your computer by logging into CAPS.

Permits will be mailed to your home address, if you need a permit to RTPW, request a temporary permit via email. If you don't have access to the website or can't find what you are looking for, email Have your vehicle registration handy to apply online or email to the parking office.


Due to a substantial number of construction projects and changes to some of the garages around Bldg. 10 on the NIH Campus, we encourage employees to take advantage of the NIH Transhare Program, a commuter subsidy program that allows qualified employees to receive up to $315 per month. Log in to CAPS, to enroll in Transhare.   

Current Transhare members, if you have not used your card in more than 30 days, see the important information below as provided by WMATA before using your SmarTrip cards to commute to work.

During the pandemic, most employees in the region have not tapped/used a SmarTrip card on a metro faregate, a fare/pass vending machine, or Metrobus SmarTrip target to travel in more than two years, SmarTrip cards could be inoperable due to the cards being dormant for so long. 

  • It is recommended that employees “tap" their SmarTrip cards on a metro faregate, a fare/passes vending machine, or Metrobus SmarTrip target before they begin to travel, this could prime/refresh their cards for the autoload process of SmartBenefits.

  • For those who cannot “tap" their SmarTrip card before they start to travel, employees should have some stored value on their SmarTrip cards in the event it is needed to travel initially. They will have access to SmartBenefits (typically 24-48 hours after they first tap their cards to travel) after the first time they travel and tap their card into the system.

  • WMATA is doing everything they can on the backend to make employees' reentry to the system as easy as possible. Employees who have issues or concerns should contact SmarTrip Customer Service at 1-888-762-7874. The customer service group will assess employees' SmarTrip cards and provide next steps and/or have our IT group provide any “refresh" signals if necessary. The customer service telephone number is also located on the back of SmarTrip cards.

TRANSIT ALLOCATIONS – Third-Party Purchases

If employees stopped their transit allocations to service providers for MARC, VRE, MTA, or MetroAccess, they would need to restart these allocations. The deadline is the 15th of the month, prior to the month a ticket is needed.

Once the transit allocation is reset in the SmarTrip account, employees must log in to or call 703-228-7433 for next steps to place their order.

MTA Commuter Passes (Mobile APP) - Now you can conveniently and securely access transit options from your smartphone. New CharmFlex passes are available (3- and 10-day passes) for non-consecutive workdays onsite.  Click here to learn how to reallocate your benefits to CharmPass.

WMATA is regularly taking steps to curtail the spread of the virus.  Many measures have been set, such as Enhanced Cleaning and Air Filtration Improvements for COVID-19.  More information about safety measures can be found here.


NIH offers a “free" Carpool and Vanpool Matching Service, through the CAPS system.  The NIH Rideshare program allows NIH employees, contractors, fellows, guests, and volunteers to find other people interested in carpools & vanpools that live and work near them. The program will search at certain distances from the home addresses of employees who work in similar locations. 

Participants can enjoy:

  • Close-in carpool parking lots that are easily accessible and reserved parking until 11:00 a.m.

  • A reserved parking space for registered vanpools in a lot/garage of their choice

  • Eligible employees to receive up to $315.00 a month in Transhare benefits to pay for vanpool

  • Use of HOV traffic lanes for carpools and vanpools

  • Qualifying for the "Guaranteed Ride Home Program" sponsored by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments

  • Monetary savings on gas, auto insurance, and vehicle wear and tear


Cycling is a healthy, quiet, clean, economical, and fun way to get to work. Join the NIH Bicycle Commuter Club sponsored by NIH R&W with over 400 members. 

  • Bikes can be taken on NIH Shuttles, Metro Rail, or on most buses in the area. For more information see Metro Bike-on-rail guidelines.

  • Enjoy bike facilities, such as bike lockers, showers, and emergency tool stations. 

  • Suggested routes and route mentors are available to help you plan your commute to NIH. Where possible, take advantage of the excellent cycle paths in the local area.

Get news regarding NIH bike commuter info by e-mail; join the NIH BCC listserv.


The off-campus shuttle service will resume Monday, March 28, 2022. The off-campus shuttles were repurposed to increase efficiency and accommodate the many changes that have occurred over the last two years such as the consolidation of office space staff from Executive Boulevard leased facilities to the Rockledge I & II office buildings and White Flint Training Center.

When you are reviewing the Off-Campus Shuttles, you will notice the new names and stop changes. The changes include the NSC Shuttle replacing the Executive Boulevard Shuttle which will service the main campus, and the NSC Building; the Rockledge Shuttle eliminated the three leased facilities in of 6710, Fernwood and Democracy II Building. 

While the on-campus shuttles have continued to operate during the pandemic, there was a new shuttle created, the Building 10 Express Shuttle. This shuttle operated between the open parking lots 41 & 42 to the Building 10 South Entrance. 

Contact Information

Employee Transportation Services Office (ETSO)

Transhare, Parking Permits, Carpool/Vanpool
Telephone:(301) 496-5050
Fax: (301) 480-0854 

Michelle Mejia
ETSO Program Manager
Telephone: (301) 496-5050

NIH Shuttle and Parking Services

Louise Davis
Program Manager 
Telephone: (301) 496-9621

Sean Cullinane
Program Specialist
Telephone: (301) 496-4998