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Trail Map

Take a Hike Day Trail Map (3.25 miles)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Please be sure to carry your NIH ID with you to ensure
access back onto campus.
Additional items you may want to bring along with you:
Hat, Sunglasses and Sunscreen, a Bottled Water or Refillable Water Container.
At 12:00 pm, NIH Leadership will blow the official starting whistles from in front of Building 1 and the Fun Runners will go first followed by the Walkers. Everyone will proceed down Wilson Drive to the NIH Perimeter Pedestrian Pathway and turn RIGHT on to Rockville Pike.
Everyone will be required to follow the pedestrian "rules of the road," and must obey the traffic signals at all intersections, crossing only on the "WALK" light. The NIH Police will be stationed at the intersections to further ensure the safety of our participants.

Take a Hike Day Map 

Water Table Stations

  • Table #1 - Southwest corner of Lot 41B
  • Table #2 - Southwest corner of MLP-6
  • Table #3 - Center Drive and Mont. County Fire Station along Rockville Pike
  • Table #4 - Cedar Lane east of West Drive
  • Table #5 - Commercial Vehicle Inspection Station along Rockville Pike
  • Table #6 - Building 1 in front of the parking lot


If you have any questions about the NIH Take a Hike Day event, you may contact:
ORS Division of Amenities and Transportation Services at 301-402-8180.