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HeartWalk at NIH

Heart Walk Logo

HeartWalk at NIH Bethesda Campus
Bright red HeartWalk logo stencils have been placed in 1/10 mile increments all over the NIH campus on most of our traveled sidewalks. Count 10 logos and you have traveled approximately 1 mile.  

Whether you use the marked routes for walking, running, jogging, or rolling, remember that wellness at NIH means "Taking Our Own Best Advice!"

Don't Just Sit There, WALK!

Why Wait? Become a Fitter You Today! Find Your Nearest Walking Path!

   Image of people walking

Executive Plaza

Fishers Lane


Democracy Plaza

Shady Grove


Join the

For wellness activities and events for all NIH employees!

Leslie Pont
Program Manager
Telephone: (301) 827-3287Email: