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Amenities Rotator 
DATS is dedicated to providing all employees and visitors
to the NIH with the tools to make informed decisions
about their nutritional needs and the dining center
offerings available at the NIH.


The Wellness@NIH web site is designed to help NIH employees support their individual health while at work.
Wellness@NIH is brought to you by the NIH Health and Wellness Council with representation from across Institutes, Centers, and Offices.
We invite you explore this site and to Contact Us with any questions, comments, and suggestions.
Please note: This site is for NIH employees only!

Nutritional Information

We have included some useful links which can help you make the right decisions for your dietary needs toward pursuing healthy eating habits.

Nutritional Information

By following the links on this page you can view the nutritional analysis for many of the items currently being offered within the Eurest Dining Services facilities.

Branded Concepts


Balance Kitchen

Building 10 ACRF Cafeteria Only
Balance Kitchen
“Balance Kitchen” is a Eurest concept that will support customers’ health and wellness goals by promoting and measuring healthy and sustainable lifestyle behaviors.
Key features include:
  • Fresh, local and health promoting food offerings
  • 30% - 50% of all menu items meet FIT criteria
  • 75% of all beverages meet FIT criteria
  • Every menu item is strictly controlled through our Webtrition program
  • Better-for you sides with steamed vegetables and whole grains
  • Better-for-you snacking choices
  • Nutrition labeling
  • Nutrition kiosks

Eat Right Live Well

Eat Right Live Well 
Eat Right Live Well are monthly newsletters providing information related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sensible Selection

Offered by Eurest Dining Services
A convenient way to choose tasty and nutritious food every day!
Sensible Selection 
  • Salad Bar: two prepared salads are offered daily.
  • Deli: two half sandwiches are featured that meet Sensible Selections criteria.
  • Grill: traditional and honey dijon grilled chicken sandwiches.
  • Entrée: Sensible Selection special featured every Tuesday.

Nutritional Labeling?
We Got You Covered

Eurest Dining Services
(Buildings 10 ACRF, 10-B1, 31, 35, 45)
To meet the requirements of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) changes that were made in the way entrees are portioned and priced, within each of the Eurest Dining Centers are detailed nutritional information boards listing each item served over 60 times per year for your review.
Some portion sizes have been reduced to USDA recommended sizes to meet these more stringent requirements. In cases where the portion size has been reduced, a corresponding lower price will be charged.
For those of you wishing to purchase an additional portion, an a la carte price will be available. This information is intended to help you, the customer, make more informed choices when visiting the NIH dining centers.