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Amenities Rotator 

As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this program is suspended until further notice. We will reevaluate the suspension of this program periodically. 

If you have any questions please contact DATS at (301) 402-8180 or via e-mail at

Table Tent Cards

Table Tent Card Policy and Procedures

Revised 05/2016

What is the purpose of this policy?

This policy provides specific procedures governing the display of folded tent cards which publicize an activity or event in the NIH managed dining centers both on- and off-campus.
The use of table tent cards within NIH's dining centers necessitates the implementation of policy and procedures to ensure that this advertising resource is used properly and equitably throughout the NIH.

Who manages and approves the table tent card advertisements?

The Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS), Office of Research Services (ORS) is the organization that manages the contracts and use agreements for the NIH's dining centers, both on- and off-campus. NIH entities can publicize activities through the use of table tent cards in the NIH dining centers when the cards have been approved in advance by DATS.

How many table tent cards are approved and on display at any given time?

To ensure there is not an overwhelming number of table tent cards at any given time, DATS allows for a limit of three (3) tent cards to be approved and on display each week. In order to reserve your desired dates, it is recommended you contact DATS at (301) 402-8180 or via e-mail at in advance.

How many days can a table tent cards be on display?

Table tent cards may be on display for up to two (2) weeks at a time. If you would like to display your table tent card for a longer period, approval may be obtained provided there is space on the calendar.

Please Note: Table tent cards advertising multiple dates for an event throughout the year will need to be approved as individual requests for EACH event date.

What information is required on the table tent cards?

  • A statement on which the NIH entity(s) is sponsoring the event, and the NIH and DHHS logos and/or identification.
  • A contact name, phone number, and website address, if applicable.
  • The cards must be designed correctly in order to stand upright by themselves with a face side that is no more than six inches by six inches (6" x 6"), however smaller sizes are encouraged.
  • Except for purely informational cards such as those for the Combined Federal Campaign, please include the following language:
Individuals who need a reasonable accommodation, including sign language interpreting services, to participate in this event
should contact (insert name/phone/e-mail of someone in your IC).

How do I submit my table tent card for approval?

You can send a PDF file copy of the table tent card to, or fax a copy to 301-435-1999 ATTN: DATS Quality Assurance Specialist.

How will I know if my table tent card is approved?

Within two (2) business days of receiving the table tent card, the DATS QAS will send a copy back with the following notations:
  • Approval or Disapproval (with explanation and requested changes);
  • The QAS's name, contact information and signature; and
  • Dates when the table tent card may be displayed.

What do I do when I receive my table tent card approval?

The requesting office will need to make copies of the approval and provide a copy to each of the Dining Center Managers PRIOR to placing the tent cards on the tables.

How do I distribute the table tent cards?

It is the responsibility of the requesting office to place the tent cards on the tables.

How many copies of the table tent cards should I have printed?

There is a total number of 585 tables within all the DATS controlled dining centers.
  • Building 10/2nd Floor ACRF Cafeteria - 83
  • Building 10 B1-level Cafeteria - 200
  • Building 12B Cafeteria - 25
  • Building 31 Cafeteria - 130
  • Building 35 Cafeteria - 40
  • Building 38A Cafeteria - 35
  • Building 45 Cafeteria - 45
  • Rockledge Two Cafeteria - 15
  • Bayview Cafeteria - 10

What are the responsibilities of the various persons involved in the approval and displaying of the table tent cards?

    Requesting Office
    • Contacting the DATS QAS to determine which dates table tent cards may be displayed;
    • Seeking approval of the table tent card layout from the DATS QAS;
    • Producing the desired number of table tent cards;
    • Providing one copy of the approved table tent card (from the DATS QAS) to each respective Dining Center Manager; and,
    • Placing the table tent cards on the dining center tables.
    • Maintaining an accurate schedule of the dates and number of table tent cards being displayed;
    • Providing the Dining Center Managers with a monthly table tent card calendar;
    • Responding to inquiries about table tent cards within two (2) business days, stating in writing by fax or email what, if anything, needs to be changed in order to approve the request; and
    • Maintaining a file of the responses to requesters.
    Dining Center Manager
    • Obtaining a copy of the approved table tent card prior to placement on the tables;
    • Confirming the table tent card advertisement dates are noted on the monthly calendar;
    • Permitting event sponsor(s) to place approved table tent cards on the tables;
    • Removing all table tent cards that have not been approved by DATS; and
    • Removing table tent cards at the end of the two weeks advertisement date.


    NIH Dining Center
    • All on-campus and two (2) off-campus dining facilities which has seating for its customers. These operations are run by third parties via contract or use agreements managed by DATS.
    Dining Center Manager
    • This is the vendor's representative who oversees the daily operations of the particular dining facility.
    Requesting Office
    • The Institute/Center sponsoring the event.
    Quality Assurance Specialist (QAS)
    • The QAS is the DATS employee who ensures the quality of the NIH Food/Concessions Programs meet the needs of the NIH employee, visitors and patients. They also interact with requesters who would like to schedule and have approved table tent cards.