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Click here to access information on the current status of the NIH Child and Family Programs as we Return to Work.

Check out the April 1, 2022 issue of the NIH Record for "What to Expect Coming Back to the Physical Workplace"

Family Resources

 Family Resources
The NIH Child Care Team understands the demands put upon families in today‚Äôs society.  We strive to provide resources to support the families within the NIH community. The challenges of parenting, caring for an adult family member, and other family obligations, particularly while managing professional responsibilities, can be overwhelming.  These resources are intended to provide a snapshot of programs and services available to the NIH community. 

NIH Parenting Coaches 

The NIH Parenting Coaches are ready and available to help you navigate the stages of childhood and parenthood. They will offer guidance and answers to your specific questions on physical, social, mental and emotional matters.  This service is free to the NIH community and their families.  To get connected to our parenting coaches, please call the NIH Resource and Referral Line at:  1-800-777-1720.

Check out this SPECIAL issue of NIH News in Health that's all about Healthy Parenting: It contains six updated articles with practical advice for parents on topics like building healthy bonds and detecting learning problems.     

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NIH Parenting Listserv 
NIH Adult Care Support Care Listserv 
Ask the NIH Parenting Coach 
Lunch and Learn Seminars 
NIH Summer Care Resources 
International Women's Group (IWG)