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A convenient way to choose tasty and nutritious food every day!
Eurest Dining Services
(Buildings 10 ACRF, 10-B1, 31, 35, 45)

Sensible Selections

What is Sensible Selection?

Sensible Selection is a nutrition and menu labeling system that was developed by Eurest Dining Services to help customers make better-for-you menu selections when they dine in our cafés. Eurest strives to provide a variety of nutritious menu choices, but some customers are looking for options that meet specific calorie and nutrient goals. Each of the five Eurest cafés on the NIH campus offer Sensible Selections menus items.

How was the Sensible Selection program developed?

Eurest dietitians worked with the NIH Division of Nutrition Research Coordination dietitians to develop the Sensible Selection nutrition criteria. We follow the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the HHS/GSA Nutrition and Sustainability Guidelines, and FDA food labeling requirements to help you make better-for-you selections every day.

Why was the Sensible Selection menu developed?

Our customers asked for help making healthy food selections and Sensible Selection is part of Eurest’s efforts to support worksite nutrition and wellness.

Is Sensible Selection more expensive?

We do not want you to choose between health and price so we strive to keep Sensible Selection prices comparable to our other menu items.

What are the nutrition criteria for the Sensible Selection menu?

This chart lists the calories and nutrient criteria for full meals and combos, entrees, and side dishes:

Sensible Selection Calories and Nutrient Criteria
Full Meal or
Combo Plate
Calories600 or less400 or less250 or less
Total Fat (g)25 or less20 or less5 or less
Saturated Fat* (g)
5 or less5 or less5 or less
Cholesterol (mg)120 or less120 or less20 or less
Sodium (mg)750 or less600 or less250 or less


*Note: Eurest removed all menu items containing trans fat (partially hydrogenated fats) in 2007 as a means of reducing the artificial trans fat content of menu items. Very small amounts of natural trans fat are found in animal foods such as meat and milk.

Where can I find Sensible Selection at NIH?

Sensible Selection is offered in each of the Eurest Dining Services Cafeterias (10 ACRF, 10-B1, 31, 35, 45)
Look for the green Sensible Selection symbol on the menu at the following stations!

Sensible Selection Logo 

Salad Bar: two prepared salads are offered daily
Deli: two half sandwiches are featured that meet Sensible Selections criteria
Grill: traditional and honey dijon grilled chicken sandwiches
Entrée: Sensible Selection special featured every Tuesday