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Focus on You Wellness Lecture Series

Learning to Line Dance and Learning to Boogey!

Introduction to Country Western Line Dancing presented by Dennis Askwith, M.S. Senior Program Analyst at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and the founder of the NIH R&W Country Western Line Dance Club.  

Proven benefits of line dancing include:
  • Reduces stress while lowering blood pressure and cholesterol level
  • Increases energy
  • Improves strength and muscle tone
  • It's friendly and social
  • You don't need a partner
  • Age is not a factor
  • No special clothes or shoes are needed

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Spring Forward without Falling Back: Learning Relaxation Techniques for the Office (and your Home!)

Presented by Dr. Barbara Moquin, this lecture explained ways to incorporate Mind-Body relaxation and energizing skills into your busy work and home life.  Topics included: Relaxation Breathing, Therapeutic Music and Mindfulness Meditation (with dark chocolate!).

Barbara E. Moquin, Ph.D., APRN, BC-P, is Senior Nurse Specialist (Research), Office of the Clinical Director, The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).  Dr. Moquin's professional background includes:  Ph.D., Transpersonal Psychology; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Medical and Clinical Psychology, the Uniformed Services University, Bethesda, MD.; National Board Certification - Advanced Practice Nurse Specialist - Psychiatry; Cooper Institute Certification - Health Promotion Director; Reiki Master; and Harvard University - Mind-Body Medicine.

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Lifestyle Approaches to Preventing the Leading Cause of Death: Heart Disease

This lecture took a look at the evidence behind the effects of lifestyle on heart disease, as well as approaches you can use yourself to reduce your risk. Why are blood pressure and blood cholesterol important, and how are they affected by your lifestyle? Why is obesity a health issue and what approaches can you use to help reduce it? Why are diet and physical activity important – no matter what your weight? In addition to key information, stories and voluntary exercises (physical and mental) will be included.


Dr. Denise Simons-Morton, MD, PhD is the Senior Scientific Advisor in the Division of Prevention and Population Sciences at NHLBI. She is an author or co-author of about 90 journal or book publications, which primarily focus on cardiovascular disease prevention topics. Her primary research interests are in lifestyle approaches and risk factor treatments for primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

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