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Assisted Parking

Attendant-Assisted Parking (Stack Parking)

The NIH provides attendant-assisted parking to increase on-campus parking capacity. This helps compensate for the loss of parking spaces due to construction on the NIH Campus.

Multi-Level 9 Parking Garage 

There are six (6) attendant-assisted garages and parking lots.

Employees self-park and lock their cars in the existing striped spaces.

Parking Procedures:

  • When self-park spaces are full, attendants direct drivers to designated stacked parking locations (i.e., aisles)
  • Drivers leave their vehicles, ignition keys, and receive a claim ticket.
  • Attendants secure vehicle keys using keyed security locks.
  • As self-park spaces open, stacked cars are moved into open spaces.
  • Departing employees who have stack-parked will present a claim ticket to attendants who will return the employee's ignition key.
  • Attendants also move any stacked vehicles that are blocking self-parked vehicles. 

The parking contractor reserves the right to move a vehicle to other sections of the garage or other lots within the complex.  Reasonable care is given to vehicles left in the custody of the Parking Contractor; however, the contractor is not responsible for loss or damage due to fire, theft, breakage, mechanical failure, collision, fire, freezing, or personal property left in vehicles. Articles left in vehicles are at the owner's risk. No employee has the right to change these conditions.

NOTE: Stack-parked vehicles may occasionally block other vehicles. If this occurs and a parking attendant is not visible, please contact the attendants by using the Intercom System.

The Intercom will page all parking attendants in the facility. For fastest service, be sure to follow the instructions on the Intercom System and wait for an attendant at the location you used the Intercom.


Location Hours After-hours key location Pick-Up
MLP-6 7:00 am to 6:00 pm MLP-11 garage entrance booth until 11:00 pm. (After 11:00 pm, keys are secured for pickup the next business day).
MLP-77:00 am to 6:00 pmMLP-11 garage entrance booth until 11:00 pm. (After 11:00 pm, keys are secured for pickup the next business day).
MLP-8 7:00 am to 6:00 pm MLP-11 garage entrance booth until 11:00 pm. (After 11:00 pm, keys are secured for pickup the next business day).
MLP-97:00 am to 6:00 pm P1/P2 Cashier Booth, inside the ACRF garage until 9:00 pm. (After 9:00 pm, keys are transferred to admissions until the next business day).