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Replacing Lost or Damaged SmarTrip Cards

Have you lost, or broken your SmarTrip® card? Was it Stolen?
Do you have a new SmarTrip® card that you would like linked to your mass transit benefits?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Metro Center station sales office permanently closing on June 30, 2022, visit WMATA for more information.

Please follow these instructions:

1  If your card is broken, first try these steps to troubleshoot your card, to see if you need a new one. If it was lost/stolen or you want to transfer your benefits to a new card, please continue to step 2.

2. Get a new card. SmarTrip® cards can be purchased at any Metro stations fare vending machine, Commuter Stores, CVS, Giant and Safeway stores, online, or at over 400 retail locations across the region. Please visit WMATA Sales Locations for a full listing.

3. Register your new card with WMATA (Metro). If you have not done so already, consider creating an account with WMATA to view all your available balances (transit and personal purses) and add personal funds to your card.

4. Let the NIH Transhare Program know that you need your benefits transferred to the new card. This can be done online through our CAPS system. Please be aware that it may take from 3-5 business days for your benefits to appear on the new card after the reassignment has been initiated.

 Online Transhare Log-In

To update online:

  1. Log in to the CAPS system.
  2. Select the "Modify" button.
  3. Navigate through the screens and update any information regarding your commute, if it has changed.
  4. At the bottom of the second page, after login, is the current SmarTrip® card number that is linked to your account. Enter your new card number exactly as it appears on the back of your new card.
  5. Complete your account update by recertifying and submitting the update to your account.
  6. You will receive two emails from "CAPS Admin." The first is a confirmation of your pending request. You will receive the second email as soon as your request has been approved and processed.
  7. It may take up to 3-5 business days before your benefits will appear on your new card.

5. If you use CommuterDirect for MARC/VRE/DASH or a WMATA allocation account for vanpools, MTA commuter busses, MetroAccess, etc. you will need to update your CommuterDirect or WMATA allocation account with the new card number as well.

6. Contact WMATA and ask them to transfer any remaining personal funds on your old card to your new one. WMATA representatives can be reached at (888) 762-7874.

Visit Using your SmarTrip® card on Transit Providers for more details.

Please contact the NIH Parking Office, (301) 496-5050 if you have questions.