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Carpool - NIH Rideshare Program

Share A Ride - Carpool or Vanpool

Commuting in the Washington Metropolitan area can be very difficult. Traffic congestion and air pollution from vehicle emissions have steadily increased within the last several years. In an effort to help ease traffic congestion, decrease pollution, and reduce the stress associated with the daily trip to and from work, the NIH offers a free Carpool and Vanpool Matching Service, the NIH Rideshare Program, through the Employee Transportation Services Office (ETSO), Division of Amenities and Transportation Services, Office of Research Services. This program can be used by all employees of the NIH for finding temporary and permanent ride sharing situations.

Joining the NIH Rideshare Program is easy! 

 The program is open to all employee and contractors with NIH username and password. After logging in, choose the "Join Rideshare" button and follow the on screen prompts.  After joining the program, you can search and send an email to other Rideshare members that live and work near you. Log into your CAPS account with your NIH username and password by clicking on the logo below.

 CAPS Logo

Alternatively, NIH employees and contractors who cannot find interested members in their search, they can complete the NIH Ridefinders Network application pdf document  and email the form to the Employee Transportation Service Office (ETSO), Building 31, Room 1A11, or fax (301) 480-0854.

Ridesharing Benefits!

  • Close-in carpool parking lots that are easily accessible and reserved parking until 11:00 a.m.
  • A reserved parking space for registered vanpools in the lot of their choice
  • Use of HOV traffic lanes for carpools and vanpools
  • Qualifying for the "Guaranteed Ride Home Program" sponsored by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments
  • Monetary savings on gas, auto insurance, and vehicle wear and tear

In the event that you must drive to work, carpool and vanpool riders may receive up to 48 temporary one-day parking permits per calendar year. You may obtain these temporary permits online through the CAPS System OR emailing request to

Obtaining a Carpool Parking Permit

The NIH Campus Carpool Permit requires a minimum of two applicants with NIH on-campus worksites and approved for parking privileges to qualify.  

Employees may apply for a Carpool Parking Permit by emailing the ETSO at with the information below;

  1. Both Carpoolers NIH ID Number(s);
  2. Both Carpoolers License plate number(s) and state;
  3. Both Carpoolers Vehicle(s) make, model, and year (copy of registration preferred)
  4. Verify home address, once request is processed, the new permit will be mailed to the address in CAPS.

Note:  If applicants presently possess an NIH Parking Permit (General, Contractor, Off-Campus, Red, etc.) must return permit before applying for carpool permit. 

**Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, request will only be processed online**

This permit is valid in areas with "CP Spaces reserved until 11:00 a.m." in designated areas of parking lots/garages throughout the campus. If carpool spaces are full, this permit is authorizes in "General" parking spaces. Carpool parking permits are valid in RED areas after 3:00 p.m. 


Contact Information

Employee Transportation Services Office

Building 31, Room 1A11
Telephone:(301) 496-5050
Fax: (301) 480-0854