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Electric Vehicle Parking Program

Electrical Vehicle Charging Station in ACRF GarageElectrical Vehicle Charging Station in MLP-7


Electric Vehicle Parking Program allows NIH Commuters to ‘Plug In’ and ‘Power Up’ While They Work. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

 NIH has installed 8 electric vehicle charging stations in 3 Multi-Level Parking (MLP) garages on the NIH Bethesda Campus.

This program is made possible by the financial courtesy of the NIH Federal Credit Union (NIHFCU).  The NIH Community appreciates the NIHFCU for its commitment to sustainable commuting and improved air quality.
NIH Employees of electric vehicles can park and charge their vehicles at one of the following locations:
·        ACRF/Bldg. 10 Parking Garage: P2 Level (3 parking spaces) and P3 Level (4 parking spaces)
·        MLP-6: Lower Level (3 parking spaces)
·        MLP-7: Lower Level (3 parking spaces)
The 13 EV spaces are marked with ‘eco’ green color.
NIH Electrical Vehicle Parking Space

EV Charging Stations Procedures

  • EV spaces are for NIH Parking permit holders only.
  • Parking spaces are reserved 24/7 for EV vehicles only.
  • EV owners are required to provide their own extension cords and arrange the cords to avoid tripping hazards.
  • EV owners are encouraged to be respectful of others by unplugging the vehicle and relocating it when charged.
  • If you should observe a non-EV parked in one of these spaces, you may report the violation to the NIH Police at 301-496-5685.
  • Consider joining the Electric Vehicles ListServ.