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Division of Police Logo​​​​​

Emergency Numbers

  • On Campus: 911
  • Off Campus: 9-911
  • Ft. Detrick: 9-911
  • RML: 0

Contact Information

Building 31, Room B3B17
31 Center Drive MSC 2012
Bethesda, Maryland 20892-2012
Phone: 301-496-2387
Non-Emergency Calls 311 (do not dial 9 first) or 9-301-496-5685
Fax: 301-402-0394

Chief (Acting) 
Leslie Campbell     


Deputy Chief (Acting) 
Josh Minix 


Major (Acting)
Ronald Robinson 
Police Operations Branch  


Captain at RML
Ronald Frost


Executive Staff Bios


NIH Educational Video for Active Shooter Situations (Video)


The NIH Educational Video for Active Shooter Situations provides information and instructions on what NIH employees or visitors should do in the event of an active shooter at an NIH facility.

News & Announcements

Heroic NIH Police Officer Pulls Driver from Burning Car

Cpl. Kyle McKee was featured in an article in the NIH Record for helping to pull a man from a burning car after witnessing an accident. Follow the link above for details on the story.


The NIH Division of Police (DP) personnel protect and serve the NIH community, but before this service, many DP personnel served their country in the military. Currently, the DP has over 40 military veterans in civilian and police positions.

Police Officer" and “Civilian Employee” of the year named.  Chief Alvin D. Hinton proudly announced Corporal Jose Ayala-Guevara and Mr. David B. Cumber II have been selected as the police officer and civilian employee of the year respectively within the Division of Police.  (Please click on the highlighted names to view their accomplishments)

Featured Videos

National Terrorism Advisory System - Bulletin

Highway Advisory Radio System (HARS)

  • HARS consists of low power AM radio transmitter system that will broadcast traffic related information, parking information, road closures due to construction activity, as well as emergency information.


WARNING: Possession of Marijuana is Prohibited 

Possession of Marijuana is prohibited on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campuses, facilities and its grounds. Persons are not allowed to bring medical marijuana onto the NIH campuses, facilities and grounds, even if they are enrolled in a state-approved medical marijuana program or have a prescription for medical marijuana use.  State laws governing the use of marijuana do not apply at the NIH.    Marijuana is an illegal, Schedule I controlled substance under the Federal Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. 801(c)(c)(10).

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