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Apply, Renew, Terminate in the Bicycle Subsidy Program

Elimination of Bicycle Voucher Program

 The 2018 tax reform package referred to as the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" made significant changes to employee benefit programs by amending certain sections of the Internal Revenue Code, Section 132 (f).  This Act eliminated the bicycle commuter benefit.

Effective January 1, 2018, the NIH can no longer provide a bicycle commuter subsidy.  Bicycle members currently enrolled in the program should consider applying for Transhare benefits or a NIH Parking Permit. You may apply online for these benefits by clicking on the CAPS image below. 
Using our web-based application, commonly called Commuting and Parking Services (CAPS), eligible NIH employees can  apply, recertify(renew), or terminate from the NIH Commuter Program at any time.
CAPS is a web-based system that captures all required applicant data, automatically cross-checks NIH Parking and Transhare records, properly captures employee certifications, commuting information and costs.
CAPS is supported in Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. If you receive an error message when trying to login, your security settings on your browser may be too high. Please try lowering them temporarily until you are complete with your actions. Also CAPS uses your NIH username and password, so if you have forgotten them, please visit IForgotMyPassword to reset it.
 Online Transhare Log-In

Applying for Bicycle Commuting Subsidy Benefits

After you have logged in to CAPS with your username and password, please choose to "Enroll in Bicycling." Currently, only Employees, Fellows and Volunteers are eligible to receive the subsidy. Note, if you do not qualify to participate in the Bicycle Subsidy program, after login in your will not see a button labeled "Enroll in Bicycling."
Please ensure your home address is correct to ensure monthly vouchers are mailed to the proper location. Please follow the online prompts to complete your application. 
Follow the on screen directions and fill out all of the required fields. After submitting your application for the NIH Bicycle Subsidy Program, you will receive two emails from "CAPS Admin." The first is a confirmation of your submittal and its pending status. The second email will either approve or deny your request. If your application as denied, a reason will be provided in the email.
If approved, you will receive you two vouchers in the mail at the address your provided in the application. The first voucher will be for the month you signed up, and the second will be for the next benefit month.  Every month thereafter, you will receive one voucher around the 22nd, which is the voucher intended for the following month beginning on the first. For example, on March 22nd, you will receive one voucher for April's benefit month.
If you would prefer, you may choose to submit a paper application, please fill out this form, and provide the form to the NIH Parking Office by email, fax (301) 480-3417 or in person. The office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm, excluding federal holidays.

Annual Recertification/Renewal

As participants in the NIH Bicycle Subsidy Program, you are required to recertify (or renew) every year.  To simplify the process, you are required to recertify in the program every year in the month listed below according to the first letter of  your last name. 
A - B - C​
​D - E - F - G ​MARCH
​H - I - J - K - L ​MAY
​M - N - O - P ​JULY
​T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z ​NOVEMBER
During your renewal month you will receive an email directing you to login to CAPS and renew. After login into the CAPS system, please choose the "Renew" button. If during the last year something has changed concerning your account (such as home address or commuting days), you should select the option to "Renew and Modify." This options allows you to both renew  and modify your membership at the same time. If needed, your home address can be modified at any time by logging into the CAPS system and choosing to "Modify" your account.
You will receive an email confirmation once your renew and modify request was approved.  If you choose to just renew your membership in the program, you will only see a green check and a short renewal or renewal and modify has been processed and approved.
If you would prefer, you may choose to renew by submitting a paper application, in person, via email or by fax (301) 480-0854 to the NIH Parking Office to renew in the program.


You terminate your participation in the NIH Bicycle Subsidy Program at any time. After logging in to CAPS, just select "Terminate" to submit your termination request. Requests will be performed the day they are received.  If you need your termination request to be performed on a future date, please contact the NIH Parking Office by email or phone, (301) 496-5050. 
You will receive an email confirmation of your termination request. Members will also receive an email confirmation after they have been removed from the program by the NIH Parking Office. 
Once removed, you can reenroll in the NIH Bicycle Subsidy program at any time, or you are eligible to enroll in another benefit program such as Parking or Transhare.