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Biosafety and Biological Materials

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Waste Management and Disposal

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Chemical and Hazardous Materials

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Animal Care and Use

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Occupational Health and Safety

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Safetycasts in a Minute Series

Personal Protective Equipment

pdf documentPersonal Protective Equipment Transcript


DOHS In A Glance

pdf documentDOHS In A Glance "Safetycasts in a Minute Series" Accessible File


Quarantine Permit Service Office (QPSO)

pdf documentQuarantine Permit Service Office "Safetycasts in a Minute Series" Accessible File


Respiratory Protection Program

pdf documentRespiratory Protection Program "Safetycasts in a Minute Series" Accessible File


Biosafety Stewardship


pdf documentBiosafety Stewardship "Safetycasts In A Minute Series" Accessible File 


Registering or Updating a Safety Training Account


pdf document Registering Or Updating A Safety Training Account "Safetycasts In A Minute Series" Accessible File


Laser Safety

pdf documentLaser Safety "Safetycasts In A Minute Series" Accessible File



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DOHS Brochures

Documents available in PDF Format

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Educational Videos

Biological Safety Cabinet: How It Works to Protect You

This video demonstrates how biological safety cabinets work to protect you -- providing protection to laboratory workers, product and the environment while reducing the risk of exposure. Thoroughly understanding how a biological safety cabinet works while following established lab safety protocols will help prevent contamination of your work and protect you at the same time.

Chemical Fume Hood: How It Works To Protect You

The National Institutes of Health and Dartmouth College collaborated on the following animation that demonstrates how a typical by-pass design chemical fume hood works. The animation is narrated in English and subtitled in the languages of the United Nations, with the addition of Dutch and German. This animation is part of a larger project to develop an internationally standardized biomedical laboratory safety training program. Additional animation projects are under development including the proper use of an autoclave and a biological safety cabinet.

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