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Safety, Health and Wellness Day

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Safety, Health and Wellness Day will be held on Thursday, June 29, 2023, from 10:00am – 2:00pm, on the South lawn and patio area of Building 10, NIH Bethesda campus. Everyone is welcome. Enjoy the activities and learn about safety, health and wellness opportunities at NIH. This popular event – held in person for the first time since 2019 – will be hosted by the NIH Office of Research Services, Office of Research Facilities, Occupational Safety and Health Committee, and the Laboratory Sustainability Group, along with 2023 co-sponsor, the National Institute of Mental Health.

The focus of this year's event is to enhance employee awareness of mental health, fitness, wellness, chemical safety, roadway and pedestrian safety, and preventing/reducing work-related injuries and illnesses. Mark your calendars and plan to attend this fun, informative event with a coworker!  Stay for lunch and choose from menu items prepared by on site food trucks serving a variety of delectable choices for purchase.

The Safety, Health and Wellness Day experience will also be held at local NIH off-campus locations:

             1.    Bethesda will hold their event on the South lawn and patio area of Building 10. Over 30 table displays will feature a wide variety of health and wellness topics including safety and health promotion exhibits and games, safety seminars, ergonomic and CPR demonstrations, physical fitness activities, nutrition, total worker health, food trucks and more.

              2.    IRF-Fredrick will hold their event at the 8200 Atrium and Lawn. Their gathering will include chemical safety, wellness activities and presentations as well as a team building opportunity. 

              3.    NIDA/ NIA-BRC/Bayview Campus will host event on July 12 at the BRC Atrium in Baltimore, MD from 11am to 2pm and it includes fitness center tours, fitness demos, CPR demos, Wellness Committee activities , a Naloxone exhibit and much more. If you are at either location on those days, stop by for some fun and to learn more about safety and wellness topics. 

Games? Health Checks? Yes!  Test your safety smarts with “Wheel of Safety Trivia", “Chemical Cornhole", "Don't be Defenseless: When Should You Wear Hearing Protection?"  Stop by the R&W table for your "Fit Check Up", and stop by the NIH Police table for more fun.

Bethesda Event -Join Us on Thursday, June 29, 2023 at the Building 10 - South Lawn


Event Schedule

  • 10:00 Opening

Greeting from SHWD Committee

10:05 Executive opening –  NIMH leadership, and Jessica McCormick- Ell, DOHS

10:15 Mission First Safety Always award presentation

  • 10:30 Demonstration (10-15 minutes) - “Ergonomics Program for the NIH Community" presented by William Barnett

  • 10:40 “Mindful Movement: Everyday Tips for Every Bodywith Leslie (20 minutes) – Join Leslie Pont for a mindful movement class rooted in happy joints with gentle yogaThis 20-minute session will end with relaxation in a reclined position. Bring your yoga mat if you have one. Come out to move gently, breathe and simply relax!

  •  11:00 Seminar (10-15 minutes) - NIH Police Department – “Roadway Safety" presented by Alvin Maker. NIH videocast link

  •  11:30 Demonstration (10-15 minutes) - “Workplace Emergency Response to Sudden Cardiac Arrest" presented by DOHS CPR Training Program Representative

  • 11:40am – 12:00pm Joyful dance class with worldwide rhythms with Linda: Get ready to take a trip around the world and move to this fun workout with an Afro flair.

  • 12:00 Seminar (20-25 minutes) - NIMH “Got Resilience? Part 1: The Mental Health – Mental Illness Continuum" presented by NIMH.NIH videocast link

  • 12:30 Demonstration (10-15 minutes) - Fire Department,"The Gemini Meter"- presented by Captain Ryan Pidgeon

  • 12:40 “Boxing 101 with Charissa" (20 minutes) - Engage in authentic boxing hits and techniques for a total body workout! Participants can expect to execute jabs, hooks, body shots, ducks, and uppercuts in intervals of 8 repetitions. Ignite the fighter inside! Roll like a butterfly, sting like a bee!

  • 1:00 Seminar (20-25 minutes) - NIMH “Got Resilience? Part 2: Mental Fitness Boot Camp" presented by Debbie Snyder MSW, LCSW-C, ACC.NIH videocast link

  • 1:30 Demonstration (10-15 minutes) - “Emergency Response Equipment" presented by Division of Fire and Rescue Safety Staff

  • 1:40“Mobility Core + Barre Fusion with Charissa" (20 minutes) - A strong core equals a strong body! Also known as the trunk, core strength is integral to proper posture and execution of daily movements.​ When Barre is added, attendees will lengthen and strengthen the muscles simultaneously for a total body workout! This is a workout not to miss!

  • 2:00 Event Closes

  • Click here: The opening session and seminars can be accessed remotely

NIH Organizations

  • Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS)
  • Division of Environmental Protection (DEP) Sustainability
  • Division of Radiation Safety (DRS)
  • Division of Amenities and Transportation Services (DATS)
  • NIH Police Department
  • So many more!

Food Trucks

  • More information coming soon​

A special thanks goes out to our sponsors:

  • 2023 IC Co-Sponsor: National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)​​​
  • Office of Research Services
  • Office of Research Facilities

Check out Safety Snippets! 

To partner in celebrating National Safety Month we are featuring a Safety Snippet every Tuesday during the month of June starting on the 6th:

June 6- DOHS Biological Safety Cabinet/Chemical Fume Hood Safety

• Biological Safety Cabinets are the cornerstone for conducting safe and secure biological research. This video demonstrates how biological safety cabinets (BSCs) safeguard the researcher, protect the biological sample and the environment.

• Chemical Fume hoods protects researchers from biological and chemical hazards in the lab. This video explains considerations for selecting the right ventilation equipment and demonstrates how to use a chemical fume hood correctly to achieve   personnel protection.

June 13- Emotional Preparation for a Return to Physical Workspaces

Do you have mixed feelings about returning to work now that the pandemic has ended? Are you anxious or fearful about returning to the physical workplace? Tune in for 60 minutes to focus on the mental and emotional aspects of the physical return. Learn how to be more resourceful , creative and adapt to the transition back by developing your own personal plan.

For comments, concerns or suggestions, contact DOHS_info@mail.nih.gov.

June 20- NIH Department of Police, Active Shooter Training, "Shots Fired" Video; How to survive an active shooter on campus

 “Help! Active Shooter on the NIH Campus!". How can I protect myself and stay safe?! Watch  this video and learn what to do to in the case there is ever an active shooter situation at

one of our NIH facilities. Your safety comes first!

Sign language interpreting and CART services are available upon request to participate in this event. Individuals needing either of these services should contact Roxy Grossnickle via email at: roxy.grossnickle@nih.gov. Requests should be made at least five days in advance. To access Telecommunications Relay Services (TRS), call 711.

2018 NIH Safety, Health and Wellness Day Video


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