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OSHA Recordable Injuries

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Main Campus




Rocky Mountain Laboratories

Washington, DC

Master OSHA 300A

About OSHA 300A Summaries

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all Federal agencies to create and post an annual summary of all OSHA-recordable, work related injuries and illnesses. The goal of this requirement is to promote improved employee awareness and involvement in the reporting of job-related injuries and illnesses. The OSHA regulations on recording and reporting occupational injuries and illnesses are documented at 29 Code of Federal Regulation 1904.7.


Recordable work-related injuries and illnesses are those that result in one or more of the following: medical treatment beyond first aid, one or more days away from work, restricted work or transfer to another job, diagnosis of a significant injury or illness, loss of consciousness, or death. Injuries may include cases such as a cut, fracture, or sprain. Illnesses may include both acute and chronic illnesses such as a skin disease, respiratory disorder, or allergy. All needle sticks and sharps injuries involving exposure to blood or other potentially infectious materials are included.


The summaries are provided for Baltimore, Bethesda, Frederick, Gaithersburg, Main Campus, Poolesville, Rockville, and Rocky Mountain Laboratories. Individual buildings are listed by NIH building number or name. Summaries are posted for each building although for many buildings there were no OSHA recordable, work-related injuries or illnesses during the year.


The Master OSHA 300A, which is inclusive of all of NIH's recordable injuries and illnesses, is available for review at the Office of Research Services (ORS), Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) office (Bldg. 13, Room 3K04). If you have any questions or comments, please contact DOHS at (301) 496-2960.

All forms are available as PDFs. Download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

certify, to the best of my knowledge, that the annual summaries of all OSHA-recordable, work-related injuries and illnesses posted on this web-site are complete and accurate.

Jessica McCormick-Ell, Ph.D., SM(NRCM), CBSP, RBP

Director, Division of Occupational Health and Safety

Office of Research Services
Office of the Director
National Institutes of Health 

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3001 S Hanover Street

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4930 Boiling Brook Parkway

5411 West Cedar Lane

5413 West Cedar Lane

5415 West Cedar Lane

6555 Rock Spring Dr

6700B Rockledge

6710B Rockledge

7201 Wisconsin Ave (Gateway)

Democracy I

Democracy II

Rockledge 1

Rockledge 2

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8200 Research Plaza

8225 Research Plaza

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8717 Grovemont Circle (Advanced Technology Center)

16050 Industrial Dr. (Gaithersburg Distribution Center)

16071 Industrial Dr. 

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Main Campus

Building 1

Building 2

Building 3

Building 4

Building 5

Building 6

Building 6 A

Building 6 B

Building 8

Building 8 A

Building 9

Building 10

Building 10 3SE South

Building 10 A

Building 10 B

Building 10 B ACRF

Building 10 CRC

Building 11

Building 12

Building 12A

Building 12B

Building 13

Building 14A

Building 14B

Building 14C

Building 14D

Building 14E

Building 14F

Building 14G

Building 14H

Building 15B

Building 15C

Building 15D

Building 15E

Building 15F

Building 15G

Building 15H

Building 15I

Building 15K

Building 16

Building 16A

Building 17

Building 21

Building 22

Building 23

Building 25

Building 26T

Building 28

Building 28A

Building 29

Building 29A

Building 29B

Building 30

Building 30A

Building 31

Building 33

Building 35

Building 35A

Building 37

Building 38

Building 38A

Building 39T

Building 40

Building 41

Building 45

Building 46

Building 49

Building 50

Building 51

Building 52

Building 53

Building 59

Building 60

Building 61

Building 61A

Building 62

Building 63

Building 64

Building 65

Building 66

Building 66A

Building 67

Building 68

Building 82

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NIDDK-Phoenix Building 1 IHS

IHS Hospital 5th Floor

NIDDK Phoenix IGC TGen Headquarters


Building 101A

Building 102

Building 103

Building 104

Building 107

Building 110

Building 110A

Building 111

Building 112

Building 114

Building 115

Building 116

Building 117

Building 130

Building 131

Building T01

Building T02

Building T05

Building T10

Building T13

Building T14

Building T15

Building T16

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301 North Stone Street

800 E. Gude Drive

1029 E. Gude Drive

2115 East Jefferson

5601 Fisher Lane

5625 Fisher Lane

6001 Executive Blvd

6006 Executive Blvd

6011 Executive Blvd

6101 Executive Blvd

9800 Medical Center Drive

9808 Medical Center Drive

11545 Rockville Pike (White Flint 2)

11601 Landsdown Street (White Flint 3)

12725 Twinbrook Parkway

Twinbrook 1

Twinbrook 2

Twinbrook 3

9 West Watkins

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Rocky Mountain Laboratories

Building 1

Building 2

Building 3

Building 5

Building 6

Building 7

Building 8

Building 9

Building 11

Building 12

Building 13

Building 13B

Building 15

Building 22

Building 23

Building 24

Building 25

Building 26

Building 27

Building 28

Building 29

Building 30

Building 31

Building 32

Building A

Building HD1

Building HD2

Building HD3

Building HD4

Building HD5

Building T23

GH1 (Guard House) Post 1

GH2 (Guard House) Post 2


Post 3

Post 4

Post 5


Washington, DC

635 Edgewood Street

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