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Chemical Safety

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About Chemical Safety

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Chemical Fume Hood Testing

Chemical Hygiene Plan (Full Document)

What's New - Chemical Hygiene Plan

Chemical Safety Guide 

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About Chemical Safety

As an NIH employee, you should be familiar with thepdf documentNIH Chemical Safety Guide and thepdf documentNIH Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). The CHP provides basic information regarding how employees must work with, store, and dispose of chemicals at the NIH. You should also be able to read Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and have access to the SDS for any chemical that you work with. OSHA also provides guidance on many chemicals at the following website:external linkOSHA Occupational Chemical Database.  


The following list are general classes of chemicals and some helpful information: 



Compressed Gases

Peroxide Forming Compounds




Highly Toxic Compounds

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