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Health and Wellness

Summer Student Evaluations

The OMS staff provides work-related health and safety advice, administers appropriate vaccines, and enrolls the individual in applicable OMS surveillance programs.

How to Prepare for a Summer Student Evaluation

An Administrative Officer or Supervisor must send a pdf documentSummer Student Clearance Form to OMS if any of the following applies to the prospective student:

  • Works in Building 10 (all areas);
  • Works with patients (i.e. has any patient contact or works in patient care areas);
  • Works with human blood, body fluids, or tissues;
  • Works with human pathogens (infectious agents);
  • Works with select carcinogens, reproductive toxins, or acutely toxic chemicals; or
  • Works with animals.

The student will need to provide:

These forms can be submitted in person to Building 10, Room 6C306, by fax (301-402-0673), or by email (external linkoms@mail.nih.gov). Once OMS has received all of the completed forms, an OMS scheduling clerk will contact the student to schedule the preplacement medical evaluation.


Students should arrive at NIH at least 45 minutes prior to the appointment to permit enough for parking, security, and completing administrative paperwork at OMS. Parking at the NIH is very limited. If feasible, students should utilize the external linkMetro or the external linkNIH Shuttle Service rather than driving to campus.


All evaluations should be completed by July 1st, or no later than two weeks after the student's start date.

 Letter to Summer Students

pdf documentLetter to Summer Student Coordinators