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Occupational Safety and Health Committee

Occupational Safety and Health Committee

The NIH Occupational Safety and Health Committee (OSHC) provides safety policy recommendations to the Director of the NIH or his/her designee in matters pertaining to occupational health, accident control and fire prevention.external linkNIH Manual 1340 - Occupational Safety and Health Management establishes guidelines to help each Institute or Center (IC) comply with NIH and federal occupational safety and health requirements. external linkThe Charter is available here.

 Membership Roster 



​Mr. Chris Hanson, Chairperson

​Division of Intramural Research, NIAID

​Dr. Michele Evans

​Clinical Center Safety Office, CC

​Mr. Anthony Gioio

​Laboratory of Molecular Biology, NIMH

​Ms. Julie Kim

​Laboratory of Immunogenetics, NIAID

​Dr. Joseph Chinquee

​Laboratory of Pathology, CCR, NCI

​Ms. Cynthia M. Haggerty

​Laboratory of Recepter Biology and Gene Expression, CCR, NCI

​Dr. Barna Dey

​Laboratory of Viral Diseases, NIAID

​Dr. Steve Denny

​Office of Animal Care and Use, OIR, OD

​Dr. Niamh Cawley

​Section on Cellular Neurobiology, NICHD

​Dr. Patricia Tsang ​Laboratory of Clinical Infectious Diseases, NIAID
​Mr. Angelo Parker ​Division of Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance, ORF, OD

LCDR Matt Deptola, Executive Secretary

​Division of Occupational Health and Safety, ORS, OD

​​​ ​Liaisons (Non-Voting Members)

​RADM Deborah E. Wilson, DrPH

​Division of Occupational Health and Safety, ORS, OD

​Mr. William K. Floyd

​Division of Environmental Protection, ORF, OD

​Dr. Heike Bailin

​Occupational Medical Service, DOHS, ORS, OD

​Mr. Kenneth Saks

​Division of the Fire Marshall, ORS, OD

​CAPT Edward Pfister

​Division of Evironmental Protection, ORF, OD

​Mr. Bill Fitzgerald Jr. ​Health and Safety Branch, NIEHS
​Mr. Gias Ahmad ​Division of Design and Construction Management, ORF, OD
​Mr. Justin Dion ​Division of Radiation Safety, ORS, OD
​Mr. Stephen Novak ​Health and Safety Branch, NIEHS