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Health and Wellness

Air Quality

Definition: Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures.  

Odor Complaints

Odor concerns can be indicators of serious health and safety issues. These potential serious issues should be addressed before further indoor air quality investigation. If you work on the NIH Main Campus and have an odor complaint, please report it immediately to theexternal linkNIH Division of Fire and Rescue Services by dialing 9-1-1 ( or from a mobile phone: 301-496-9911) and they will respond appropriately. After the NIH Fire Department has determined there is not an immediate danger please submit an "Indoor Air Quality Concern" as indicated above.

Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Environmental Quality Requests

DOHS provides indoor air quality surveys and indoor environmental evaluations in coordination with theexternal linkOffice of Research Facilities Development and Operations (ORFDO.) To report an Indoor Air Quality and Indoor Environmental Quality concern to DOHS:

  • Login to myCority (NIH only).
  • From the myCority home page, click the "New Event Reports & Requests" button
  • Choose “Indoor Air Quality Concern".

Indoor Air Quality investigations often result in submission of a maintenance request. If you need additional support after submitting your maintenance request please contact ORFDO or submit anexternal link issue escalation request.  

Resource link:

To learn more about reporting Indoor Air Quality Concerns in myCority, visit the Health and Safety Application Resources SharePoint Site (NIH only).