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pdf documnetBaseLINE (Indoor Environmental Quality Evaluation)

The Office of Research Services (ORS), Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS), Technical Assistance Branch (TAB) provides BaseLINE screening for new construction and renovation projects. 


What is BaseLINE and what does it include?

The BaseLINE screening is an initial indoor environmental quality (IEQ) evaluation of the following:


Lighting - Levels are optimal for comfortable working conditions.


Indoor Air Quality - Measure for formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds and toxins.


Noise - Below recommended levels.


Ergonomics - Workstations are designed with adjustable features.


DOHS will provide a summary and recommendations at the end of the evaluation.


Why include a BaseLINE IEQ screening in your project?

  • Provide technical support towards LEED certification.

  • Provide a mechanism to evaluate building IEQ.

  • Provide an initial set of data to evaluate future indoor air quality concerns or complaints.

  • Promote a healthy workplace.

For more information, please call (301) 496-3457 or via email.