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2017 Winners

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Office of Research Services (ORS), Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) salutes a group of professionals making a difference in Occupational Health and Safety.  The NIH Mission First, Safety Always award was created to recognize NIH personnel who have demonstrated leadership, innovation and involvement in their organization’s safety culture.   

The nominations we received for 2017 went through an anonymous review process which included blind scoring, without names or institutes, against the following criteria:
  • Leadership attributes that set the nominee apart from his or her peers
  • Initiating and/or leading a successful safety initiative
  • Engaging peers and transforming the safety culture of the organization
  • Promoting safety as an important part of their program
  • Working to correct unsafe or unhealthful workplace conditions or hazards
On April 11, 2018, honorable mentions and winners of the 2017 NIH Mission First, Safety Always Award were announced at the quarterly meeting of thelink IC Safety and Health Committee Chairpersons meeting.  

Award Winners for 2017

Catherine Bare (NCI/CRC)

Ms. Bare has created a PowerPoint that she shares with new staff members to the NCI/CRC.  Ms. Bare shared her power point entitled “Lab Review” with the NCI Health and Safety committee.  

Vincent Burton (ORS/SR/DRS)

Mr. Burton has been a dedicated NIH employee for many years. In the Division of Radiation Safety, he is the building safety manager in charge of organizing fire drills and creating emergency procedure plans for evacuations.  By sending email reminders, schedules of upcoming drills and establishing floor by floor protocols, he keeps the safety culture out front and visible to all who work in the organization.

Jake Eddy (ORF/DFS)

Mr. Eddy is the safety officer for DPR, the contractor for the renovation in Building 10, Building 13 and the CFC.  Mr. Eddy presented 10 safety awards to individuals nominated by their peers and presented a talk on “Our Injury Free Environment”.   

Angie Mann (NCI/Frederick)

Ms. Mann, a dedicated contractor, has made a positive difference in the safety culture at the NCI/Frederick by developing and presenting a laboratory safety training program for the NCI student intern program (NCI at Frederick-Werner H. Kirsten Student Intern Program).  

Timothy Messer (OD/ORF)  

Mr. Messer is a dedicated NIH worker who promotes safety in the power plant by making sure PPE is worn, chemicals are stored in the correct areas, safety showers are tested regularly, and that hazardous communication are respected.  

Udana Torian (NIAID) 

Ms. Torian received an award for her excellent work as a lab manager and for being the Building 50, 6th floor emergency response POC.  Ms. Torian also won the 2015 DOHS ORS Laboratory Safety Award for Excellence.  She takes a hands-on approach in creating and maintaining an active safety culture in her area.

Honorable Mentions for 2017

Nancy Mclean-Cooper (OD)

Ms. McLean- Cooper is a member of the Division of Occupational Health and Safety at the NIH.  She successfully managed the NIH In Focus! Safe Workplaces for All Photo Contest.  Ms. McLean-Cooper went out into the community to promote and explain the contest to personnel. This allowed the worker to have a say in our NIH safety message.

Todd Loveless (ORF/DFS)

Mr. Loveless, is a member of the ORF Safety Committee where he makes recommendations on unsafe facility issues.  He has also initiated many trouble/service requests to correct safety deficiencies in the Maintenance Request System.  Mr. Loveless follows up on the tickets and if they have not been addressed he will contact a supervisor and when necessary, contacts DOHS.