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Laboratory Clearance

The Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) routinely performs clearances to check for visible research-related hazards prior to renovations and maintenance of laboratories.


​Laboratory clearances are required before the following activities:

  • Any renovation, whether partial or complete, of a laboratory

  • In addition, for BSL-2 laboratories, work on ventilation equipment, and re-occupancy of newly renovated areas

  • In BSL-3 laboratories, all of the above and prior to any housekeeping (i.e. waxing of floors) or routine maintenance of equipment

Submit all laboratory clearance requests through PI-Dashboard. DOHS published pdf documentMoving Your Lab Safely, and an instructional guide titled pdf documentLSM Laboratory Clearance Guide: for the Requestor to assist in this process. These resources are excellent to use when preparing to move a laboratory to a new location, as well as for general guidance, timelines, and contact information. Contact yourexternal linkSafety & Health Specialist for additional information.