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Laboratory Clearance

The Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) routinely performs clearances to check for visible research-related hazards prior to renovations and maintenance of laboratories.


​Laboratory clearances are required before the following activities:

  • Any renovation, whether partial or complete, of a laboratory.

  • Any maintenance or similar work in a laboratory that requires the entry of maintenance or other staff that is not knowledgeable about laboratory safety and/ or aware of potential hazards in the space.

  • In addition, for BSL-2 laboratories, work on ventilation equipment, and re-occupancy of newly renovated areas.

  • In BSL-3 laboratories, all of the above and prior to any housekeeping (i.e. waxing of floors) or routine maintenance of equipment.

Clearances are not performed or required for the removal or maintenance of Biosafety Cabinets. Instead, place a Service Request  for gaseous decontamination of a Biosafety Cabinet rather than submitting a clearance.  Please note this link is only accessible on the NIH Intranet.

Submit all laboratory clearance requests through myCority. Contact your external linkSafety & Health Specialist for additional information.

Helpful Resources 

pdf documentMoving Your Lab Safely

Health and Safety Application Resources (NIH Only) which provides access to:

·       myCority PDF User Guide – Requesting a Lab Clearance

·       myCority Video Walkthrough – Submit a New Lab Clearance Request