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NIH Ergonomics Program 

Ergonomic Evaluations

Ergonomics is "fitting the job to the worker." No matter what work you do, ergonomics plays an important role in preventing occupational injury and illness. The Division of Occupational Health and Safety (DOHS) provides free ergonomic evaluations, which can be conducted for personnel in a variety of settings including office, laboratory, patient care, and industrial workspaces. 


An ergonomic workstation evaluation involves observing you performing typical tasks, and then adjusting the workstation as needed (e.g., in an office setting, raising a chair or lowering a keyboard). The goal is to arrange the workstation so that you achieve a neutral, comfortable working posture. During the workstation evaluation, our staff may note limitations of your current equipment. The decision as to whether to provide new equipment as a result of our findings rests with your office. DOHS does not order equipment for you, but can provide a list of recommended vendors.


Computer Workstation Self-Assessment

To see how to make ergonomic adjustments to your own workstation, perform thepdf documentcomputer workstation self-assessment. Walk through each step and take the suggested actions, if possible. If you feel the adjustments made are not sufficient, please email us to schedule a workstation evaluation at NIHErgonomic@mail.nih.govpdf documentThe Ergonomics Program: The Computer Workstation Poster is also a useful tool to review.


Laboratory Ergonomics

Repetitive tasks are common in laboratories - ergonomic principles are vital in this setting.pdf documentThe Ergonomics Program: The Laboratory Poster provides useful guidance for you. If you feel adjustments you made are not sufficient, please email us to schedule a laboratory evaluation at NIHErgonomic@mail.nih.gov.


 What is Your Level of Pain?

The graphic below provides a summary of what action you should take based upon your level of pain.pdf document A 508 compliant description of the graphic is provided here.

 Pain Meter

To schedule an ergonomic workstation evaluation email us at NIHErgonomic@mail.nih.gov


Ergonomics Training

The on-site ergonomics training shows employees how to apply ergonomic principles in the office as well as other workplace settings. Training programs include:

  • Office and lab ergonomics training

  • Back safety training

  • Specialized training for jobs involving tools and lifting

To request an ergonomics training for your office, call (301) 496-3353 or (301) 496-3457.