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Vaccination Requirements

Booster Shots

Between September and October 2021, the FDA authorized COVID-19 vaccination booster shots for Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) vaccinations. There is currently no federal mandate for booster shots, however, the CDC recommends that all personnel, especially those at high-risk, get boosters if it has been more than 6 months (or 2 months for the Janssen shot) since they completed their full primary COVID-19 vaccination series. Vaccine boosters can be different than the original vaccine series (e.g., a person vaccinated with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination may receive a Moderna booster).

Some NIH personnel may be invited to receive booster shots through the NIH OMS. However, booster shots are readily available in the community and staff and contractors are encouraged to seek them. Current guidelines do not require reporting of booster shots. However, this may be subject to change if the definition of fully vaccinated is modified.

To report booster vaccinations please do so using the following process: 


  • Log into the COVID-19 Response Case Management System at https://covid-rcms.ors.od.nih.gov/app/home. Please note, you will need to be on the NIH network (onsite or on VPN to log in)
  • Read and accept the Privacy Act Notice
  • Read and close the self-help instructions (Need help later? Select "Get Help")
  • Click on "Update Vaccination" button
  • Select "Add Vaccine Dose"
  • Complete required fields.  Under "Dose #" select "Booster Dose"

If you need in-person assistance with reporting your vaccination status, you may stop into the NIH Library (Building 10, South Side, First Floor) during normal business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:30AM – 4:00PM).