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​COVID Assessment & Testing

COVID-19 Testing

The NIH has two in-house mechanisms for providing COVID-19 testing; for-cause and asymptomatic testing. For-cause testing is used for personnel that are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or have recently tested positive for COVID-19. Asymptomatic testing is for personnel with no symptoms, and may include personnel that were exposed to COVID-19 positive cases. These services are limited to personnel with direct patient contact, healthcare support personnel, and personnel that have been determined by the NIH Occupational Medical Service (OMS) to have experienced a workplace exposure.

For-Cause Testing

Healthcare personnel that report COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to have a COVID-19 test. This may be performed in the community (at the employee’s expense or through their health insurance provider), with an at-home antigen test, or determined by OMS after an assessment. Qualified personnel should call OMS at 301-496-4411 for information on scheduling for-cause testing.

Regardless of vaccination or exposure status, any symptomatic personnel must not report to work and should test at the earliest For-Cause testing opportunity.

Asymptomatic Testing

The NIH will be no longer provides asymptomatic testing services to the general NIH population. Effective November 1, 2022, NIH only offers these services to staff members with direct patient contact or referred by Occupational Medical Service (OMS) based on job duties required to keep the workplace safe. Additionally, testing will be available by appointment only; walk ins are no longer be available. NIH asymptomatic testing services are restricted to staff with patient contact. Eligible staff with a COVID-19 exposure or symptomatic should remain at home and contact OMS for instructions.

Asymptomatic Testing For Building 10 Healthcare Providers

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