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Guidance for Supervisors of Minors Working in the Laboratory

As stated in Dr. Michael Gottesman's letter Reminder about Importance of Supervising Students in Laboratories, "It is critical that we (Principal Investigators) take the appropriate responsibility for the safety, as well as mentoring, of...students." For example, all students should be appointed under an approved hiring authority. Of special concern are those students who are under the age of 18- minors.


As a supervisor of a minor in the laboratory, you have unique responsibilities. In addition to the five important principles outlined in Dr. Gottesman's letter, you must take special precautions to ensure minors are aware of, understand, and know how to work safely with potentially hazardous materials they may encounter in the laboratory, e.g., animal, biological, chemical, physical, or radiological hazards.


Please be aware that minors are prohibited from working with specific materials and that they are prohibited from working in specific areas. For example, minors may not work with:

In addition, should there be the need, report all accidents and promptly seek proper medical care from the Occupational Medical Service (OMS). Minors may need to receive pre-placement medical evaluations from the OMS, depending on their assignment.


Need additional guidance? Reference materials are available from the Division of Occupational Health and Safety.