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​The Employee Transportation Services Office hours of operation are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, closed 11:00 am to 12:00 pm for lunch. To schedule an appointment email or call 301-496-5050. The office is located in Building 31, Room 1A11, next to the NIH Federal Credit Union. ​

Parking Information

​New Employees

New Employees are eligible to receive parking and other benefits as soon as they are entered into the NIH Employee Directory (NED).

On orientation day, employees must park at the MLP-11 parking garage, also known as the Gateway parking garage. This garage is outside of the Gateway Visitor Center. New employees will be provided a validation permit, while attending orientation seminar. Information about alternative commuting options, such as the NIH Transhare (Mass Transit Subsidy),  carpools and vanpools will be provided.

Employees with NIH Badge may apply online (through the CAPS system) for parking and other commuting benefits once they have received their NIH username and password. If a permit or mass transit subsidy is needed immediately, then it is recommended the employees contacts, via phone or email, the NIH ETSO/Parking Office during normal business hours.

Typically, ETSO staff will attend the New Employee Orientation. If we are in attendance, we will assist customers with parking and other transportation related needs. We suggest bringing a copy of your vehicle registration in the event we can issue a parking permit.

Construction Contractors

Due to Construction projects taking place that directly impact Lot 41, ETSO will no longer provide the free monthly Construction Contractor Parking Permits.
Construction Contractor needing to park on the NIH Main Campus, may contact Parking Services Contractor at 1-(888) NIH-PARK (644-7275) to inquire about purchasing a monthly pass for designated Parking Lots on the Main Campus. Availability of these passes are on a very limited basis, however. The Parking Services Contractor Office is located in Bldg. 31, Room 1E08.

Parking is limited on the NIH campus, consider utilizing alternative transportation options such as Carpooling, Vanpooling or taking mass transit.

Summer Students

Summer Students are eligible to receive the Mass Transit subsidy, through the NIH Transhare Program or a parking benefits, but may not receive multiple benefits at one time. As with employees, summer students that already have a NIH Badges are eligible to apply online through our CAPS system

For summer students who don't have their NIH Badges and need benefits immediately, submit requests by emailing NIH ID Number, copy of vehicle registration to the NIH ETSO/Parking Office at  

Summer Students are restricted to parking only at MLP-7 Garage/Lot 41. NIH offers a free NIH Shuttle services form the parking lot to the buildings around the NIH Campus, utilizing Campus Route

Contact Information

Employee Transportation Services Office
Telephone:(301) 496-5050
Fax: (301) 480-0854
Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Closed for Lunch 
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM