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Division of Medical Arts & Printing
NIH Events Management

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Lipsett Amphitheater

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  • Theater: 260

Multimedia Services


  • Display
  • Network connection
  • Laser Pointer
  • Flipchart
  • Whiteboard


  • Podium microphone
  • Lavaliere microphone
  • Table microphones
  • Aisle Microphones
  • Audio recording
  • Telephone conference calling*
  • Hearing impaired devices

* must be scheduled in advance


  • The following services require extensive planning. Allow a minimum of 15 days.
  • Video Conferencing (ISDN)
  • Overflow (video and audio) to other conference rooms
  • Video production services/videocasting, captioning service, video taping, satellite uplink or downlink, video editing, dubbing service

Room Rates

  • Full Day (>4 hours): $2,550
  • Half Day (< 4 hours): $1,530
  • Two Hours (< 2 hours): $1,148

Directions to Lipsett Amphitheater

From the North lobby entrance:

Walk through the Atrium, passing Admissions on your right or the Pharmacy on your left, as well as several sets of elevators. Continue straight through the sliding glass doors. The Phlebotomy/EKG area will be directly in front of you. Make a left and continue down the corridor, passing the pediatric clinic on your left. Continue following the hallway as it turns diagonally to the right, then straight for a few feet. After you pass the dental clinic on your right, turn right into Lipsett Amphitheater.

From the South lobby entrance:

Walk down either the hallway to your left or the hallway to your right. When the two hallways converge, you are standing in front of Masur Auditorium. Pass main elevators and turn right onto the North corridor. Walk by Medical Records, and then turn left at the second hallway. Lipsett Amphitheater is straight ahead.