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O-1 Individuals of Extraordinary Ability

​​O-1 Individuals of Extraordinary Ability ​​or Achievement​

The O-1 classification is reserved for scientists of “extraordinary ability” whose achievements have received national or international recognition. Scientists in O-1 status are able to engage in professional services related to research in the biomedical sciences. O-1 status can also support full clinical activities.

Only Full-time Equivalent (FTE) designations at NIH may qualify for O-1 sponsorship. However, eligibility for O-1 sponsorship also requires a showing of strong achievements (see O-1 Visa Criteria below). Before submitting an O-1 case to DIS, the IC and/or program should:​​​

  1. Discuss the situation with DIS;
  2. Submit a current, comprehensive CV for DIS senior staff to review;
  3. Await assessment of likely outcome of O-1 petition from DIS​​​
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