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​ H-1B and O-1 Travel

DIS discourages international travel for all foreign national trainees and employees at this time. Refer to our COVID webpage (“Travel Guidance” section) for additional information.

Travel, whether for personal or professional reasons, can be an exciting adventure or a stressful challenge. So before you catch an airplane to speak at a conference, book reservations for your perfect vacation, or take a trip home to visit family, make sure that you consider the immigration side of traveling and find the answers to your questions ahead of time. Use the resources on this page to learn the correct documents you will need to reenter the United States and to make sure you are up to date on recent updates, such as the current I-94 form. If you will be renewing your visa, please refer to the handouts and our poster on the visa adjudication process.

Please contact DIS several weeks before traveling if you have any travel-related questions so that we can help your traveling experience go as smoothly as possible.


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