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Per the NIH Manual Chapter on Government Ethics, an outside activity generally involves providing a service to or a function for an outside organization, with or without pay or other compensation. Outside activities may not conflict with an individual's official NIH duties or work schedule, and must be compatible with both U.S. Immigration laws and NIH policy. Additionally, certain immigration statuses limit where a foreign national scientist can conduct their activities (such as J-1, H-1B and O-1).

All foreign national scientists need advance approval from DIS to participate in outside activities to ensure compliance. Unauthorized participation could have an adverse impact on a foreign national scientist’s immigration status and stay in the United States. 

The Request for Outside Activity must be submitted for DIS approval at least 30 days before the planned activity. Any relevant documentation relating to the outside activity should be included with the request. DIS will notify the scientist, lab supervisor, and administrative officer via email if the request is approved.

Note that foreign national scientists in Employee (FTE) designations do not require a Scientific Director signature on the Outside Activity request form for DIS. However, they must review the activity with their Institute/Center Ethics Office and should include any documentation from the IC Ethics Officer with the request to DIS.

Contact DIS with any questions about the DIS request form or process.


Revised 10/2023

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