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Transferring Out

Transferring Within the NIH

It may be possible to switch to another laboratory/branch after the DIS reviews and approves the switch. The new laboratory/branch must send a “transfer” FTE case to the DIS (follow the “Visiting Scientist (FTE)” checklists). The DIS reviews the case to see if an amended H-1B petition is necessary before you can move.

Transferring Your H-1B to Another Employer

It is possible for another U.S. employer to become your H-1B sponsor. Work with your new employer to determine your eligibility for H-1B status under their sponsorship. In some situations, it may be possible to begin your employment with the new employer under H-1B portability provisions.

  • Coming to the NIH: Carefully determine a start date with your current employer, your new NIH supervisor/sponsor, and the DIS. The DIS, however, must first receive the documents from your Institute/Center to initiate this action. Once notified by the DIS, complete the separation paperwork with your current employer. Your current employer would then withdraw their H-1B sponsorship effective your resignation date.
  • Leaving NIH: Carefully determine a start date with your new employer and your current NIH supervisor/sponsor. Once notified by your new employer, complete the NIH separation paperwork with your IC’s administrative office and have a termination notice sent to the DIS. Upon receipt, the DIS will withdraw NIH’s H-1B sponsorship effective your resignation date. Review Leaving the NIH page for further details.
  • H-1B Portability: Your new employer can choose to begin your employment by “porting” your current H-1B approval. Certain conditions apply to invoke portability, such as the new employer must first timely file a non-frivolous petition with the USCIS to become your new H-1B sponsor (which should be filed before you resign from your current position). If you are coming to the NIH, the DIS will notify you if you are eligible for H-1B portability.
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