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Division of International Services


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To initiate or extend a foreign national’s time in the NIH Visiting Program, the Institute/Center (IC) must submit a case, also known as a package or request, to DIS. The IC must also submit a case to DIS to change a scientist's current designation. DIS approval of a case is required before the change can occur. The Visiting Program is limited to the NIH Intramural Research Program (IRP). NIH extramural programs are not authorized to use IRP designations.

Select the appropriate NIH designation, refer to the relevant checklist, and send a case to DIS. A checklist of required documents for each NIH designation and case type (new, renewal, or lab transfer) is below. If the scientist is already in the United States, evidence of their current immigration status is required. Refer to our case preparation guidance.

After DIS receives the case, the assigned Immigration Specialist will review and may contact the IC to request additional information. DIS will notify the IC via email when case processing is complete. Refer to our case processing times.

Postdoctoral Visiting Fellow New (New) Sample Case Renewal/Lab Transfer
Predoctoral Visiting Fellow  New Renewal/Lab Transfer
Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) Positions New Renewal/Lab Transfer
G-7 Extension Beyond Five Years for J-1 Exchange Visitor (NIH Users Only) New/Renewal/Lab Transfer (G-7) Sample Case
Guest Researcher/Special Volunteer Tips on Completing Form 590: Video Guide New Renewal/Lab Transfer
Professional Services Contractor New Renewal/Lab Transfer
Exchange Scientist New Renewal/Lab Transfer
Collaborator New Renewal/Lab Transfer


Revised 11/2023​

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